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So you created your tour and added all the extras, added images, make a text with a link and even added a video to your virtual tour, but now, what’s that?? Your images all have numbers on them… they need names! How do I fix that??

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to rename your images on your virtual tour:

  1. Go to the profile of your tour
  2. Click on “edit” next to the image name
  3. rename the image
  4. Click save

Here’s the same but now with images:

1. Go to the profile of your tour by clicking on “overview” and then choosing the profile:

The images that don’t have a name will be labelled “no label”:

3. Click on “edit”:

4. Rename the image and click “save”:

Now all your images are labelled

Go to the tour editor and click on “Settings”

How to create a menu for your Virtual Tour

Now click on “save” (sometimes you need to select the start image again)

And now click “publish” to send the changes to your live tour:

rename your images on your virtual tour

That’s it! Easy as pie right? Now you know how to rename your images on your virtual tour and you’re quickly becoming a PRO at this!

We always advise to name your images right at the start – just after you have uploaded your pictures – this way it will be easier to build your tour and make sure all the images are in the right order.

When you hover over the thumbnail of the image in the profile of the property, the image will actually pop out so it will be easier to see what image you are looking at!

Renaming the image before you upload them is also good, but you still need to rename them in the platform as we automatically add a number to them 🙂 It is not possible to use a filename as image name in the platform.

Now you can also create a menu in your virtual tour and the thumbnails will have a good description of this property!


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