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Virtual Tour Creation Guide

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If you have subscribed to our My360 Virtual Tours Software, you know by now how easy and straightforward it is to use. However, you might need a reminder of how easy it actually is. Therefore we have created this handy step by step Virtual Tour Creation Guide on how to start building your virtual tours in minutes!

This Virtual Tour Creation Guide is to provide you with a workflow that is the most efficient path to building and publishing your walk-through tours.

Our My360 Partners can download the below in .pdf format from their Dashboard.

Once you’ve created a new property in My360 and uploaded all the images.

(Note: you must leave the browser tab open until all image show a tick. If there is an upload queue on the My360 server it will display the number in the queue and what number your images are in that queue. If there is no queue there will be no display and your images will start to process within a maximum of 10 minutes).

1) Name Each Image

Go to “Spheres” tab – under the “Filename” column is an edit box – click to name each image in turn.


Virtual Tour Creation Guide

These names will then appear when you create the walk-through VT.


 Virtual Tour Creation Guide

2) Customize Tour

Under “Spheres” tab, click on “Customize Tour” and it will open this box:

Virtual Tour Creation Guide

The above information will then appear on each individual VT image, so the description needs to be short and generic to that property. You can also colour code the text and background of the text with the client’s brand colours.

Note: It is essential to add the logo here, as this will appear on the Walk-through tour as well.

You are then ready to start building your walk-through tour.

3) Walk-Through VT Creation

Click on the “Virtual Tours” tab (next to “Spheres”) then click on “+ New Virtual Tour” the label you give the tour is for your internal use only and will help distinguish when you have created multiple tours.

Once created you will see your tour show as below – then click on the “edit box”


Virtual Tour Creation Guide

Note: when you have built a tour you have an option to “clone” it.

This is very useful if you have a large property and you wish to create different tours to show say the gardens, first floor, second floor or pool area in separate tours.


Virtual Tour Creation Guide

When you click on “edit” for the first time on a tour you will be offered to watch the tutorial video, which of course is well worth watching if you are new to this or as a refresher.

Select your “Tour scenes” andTour start scene”.

Virtual Tour Creation Guide


Then move on to the next tab “Tour settings”. It is an important section to fully complete for each tour.

Virtual Tour Creation Guide

Set Default View

Virtual Tour Creation Guide

Select each image one by one and set their “Default View”. Pick the position of the image that you think is the best for the “user” to see first if they were to click on the thumbnails on the published tour.

Note: remember to keep the vertical lines in each image vertical so as to keep the correct perspective for the user

By selecting the Default View it will also help when you start building the tour.

Once you have set all your “Default Views” you are then ready to build your tour.

Scene Order

Note: remember you can select the order of the VT scenes as seen in the thumbnails in the published tour by dragging and dropping the scenes. Do this after you have finished building your tour.


Did you enjoy reading this Virtual Tour Creation Guide? Is there something missing? Let us know in the comments!


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