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Who are we?

We are Scarlett Smits & Lee Collins, proud owners of the My360 Brand.

 About lee Collins:

Lee is from the United Kingdom. Having been a financial advisor for many years he travelled all over the world but finally found his roots in the south of Spain where he decided to start a Virtual Tour Photography Business over 15 years ago.

Virtual tours were a pretty unknown feature back then, especially in the South of Spain, so Lee introduced many people to the technology over time.

Lee had a passion for virtual tour photography and the way 360 photos would change the way the general public looks at things. He even went as far to write to Google advising to add the feature to Google Maps… they never replied, however, Google Street View is now a household name! (no credit due to Lee, though it makes a great story right?!)

About Scarlett Smits

Scarlett is originally from The Netherlands. She moved to the UK when she was just 19 to study the language and spent 5 years in the country. She then moved to Spain where she has lived for over 15 years now.

Scarlett has always been involved in Marketing and Promotion for companies, working for private companies as well as smaller enterprises both in Spain and the UK.

When the Internet and SEO became a bigger part of marketing for businesses, she decided that was her calling.

Due to her ability to speak many languages fluently, she became sought after in the online marketing industry.

She now looks after a large portfolio of clients all over the world and is in charge of the marketing and promotion for My360.

The Plush Story

When Scarlett & Lee met over 8 years ago, they were each doing their thing, Lee with his Virtual Tours & Scarlett in Online Marketing.

They decided to combine the 2 and Plush Global Media was born.

Together they offered the complete multimedia & online marketing packages to their clients. From complete websites to promotional videos, virtual visits of offices and still photography. Lee and Scarlett were in high demand in the South of Spain and beyond!

Virtual Tours were taking off and when Plush Global Media was awarded by Google with Google Trusted Street View Agency status, the company grew larger and larger.

Google Trusted

Plush Global Media became a Google Trusted Agency, and this meant they could add their virtual tours to Google Maps and Street View. This opened another avenue for the company and soon many photographers and their 360º cameras worldwide joined their platform to add virtual tours to Google Maps through their software.

Lee & Scarlett Say:

“We had developed a great sales strategy which resulted in over 5 business virtual tours being sold, per day! We soon expanded with extra sales staff and photographers to help with the workload. This expansion however brought a new challenge, how did we manage all those clients and our staff? How could we let the client preview the virtual tours before putting them on Google Street View? We hired a top web developer and built My360, a Database Platform in which we could efficiently do all those things.”

Plush Global Media grew into a large Global Network of Google Trusted photographers that all used the platform.

Soon there was a demand from these photographers to make private virtual tours for properties. Those virtual tours could not be added to Google Maps and needed a different approach.

Plush Global Media needed to think of an easy way for their partners to create private virtual tours.


The Birth of My360

While they were building the software to include Private Virtual Tours to the existing software, new Virtual Tour cameras were being released. Cameras that were easy to handle, take photography with 1 press of the button, were extremely affordable and were super simple to use.

This gave us another idea: “What if we could help other people running a business like ours? and what if we let them use our My360 platform?” the rest is history.

They started building this software in November of 2016 and launched to new users in March of 2017.

Lee & Scarlett say:

We are incredibly proud to be able to offer this software to you and we know it will make a huge difference to some companies.

In the first month we received an overwhelming response. This proved to us that we made the right product for the right audience. With a fast growing network of professional and amateur photographers, our mission is to get every business to create virtual tours of their products, properties and portfolio as we know how beneficial virtual reality is for businesses nowadays.

We now have 20 partners in over 13 countries in 46 destinations and growing exponentially.

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