Add moving images to your virtual tour

10 great gif images | Add moving images to your virtual tour

My360 is always evolving and we have made our virtual tour software even more interesting by allowing you to add moving images to your virtual tour!

Make your walkthrough tours even more interactive with this new feature!. Your walkthrough virtual tour will come to life if you use this easy and quick tutorial.

You can literally add anything you like with just a few easy steps.

Have a look at the below image…

Pretty cool right?

Here’s the quick tutorial for those who already know our software:

  1. Sign into your My360 platform (or sign up for a FREE trial here)
  2. Go to the property virtual tour of your choice
  3. Click on “edit” or “create new tour”
  4. Add a hotspot – but choose the “info” hotspot instead of the arrow
  5. Click on the camera
  6. Browse your images or upload a new GIF file (we have added some cool GIF’s to get you started)
  7. Make sure you click the “original” size. Especially if the GIF has a transparent background.
  8. Now adjust the image (smaller / larger / 3D Effect etc)
  9. Save & Publish… and you’re done!


Here’s the full video tutorial in English:

Please note since a recent upgrade instead of choosing the text hotspot you have to choose the “i” hotspot

Can’t be bother to watch the video? See the step by step instructions with images below.

In the below tutorial we assume you already uploaded your virtual tour images and have already created your walkthrough virtual tour.Go to the image where you want to add the moving item, and click on the blue hotspot- Add an image hotspot. And click on the camera.

(UPDATE, the below video is of a previous version of the software but the actions are the same. Instead of the text hotspot, you choose the “i” hotspot)

Add moving images to your virtual tour

Now click on the image icon to add an image- Then click “browse” and upload or choose a new GIF image. (you can upload by simply dragging and dropping your image). Click here to find some interesting GIF images & learn how to make your own.

Make sure you choose the “original” size, especially when you have a transparent background.

Once the image is uploaded, determine the right size (don’t worry, you can adjust this again later)

Add moving images to your virtual tour

Now you have to edit the image so it fits seamlessly in your virtual tour.

  • To give the image a 3D effect (recommended) – put 3D on
  • When you put on the 3D function, you will find 2 more tools (RX & RY) that can help you put the image more into perspective.
  • You can also resize the image and add some transparency to make it really fit into your tour.
Add moving images to your virtual tour

And there you have it!! You can Add moving images to your virtual tour, but keep in mind that every GIF adds to the weight of a virtual tour so make sure your GIF images are not too heavy as it will affect the loading time of your virtual tour!

Need some inspiration? Click here to find 10 great GIF images you can use in your virtual tours. 

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