Shoot a virtual tour with your mobile phone using the My360 VR Kit

Installing the lens for the My360 VR Kit

In today’s digital age, virtual tours have become an essential tool for showcasing properties and engaging potential customers. Thanks to advancements in mobile phone camera technology, capturing high-quality virtual tours is now more accessible than ever. In this blog post we will guide you through the process of shooting a virtual tour using your mobile phone with the My360 VR Kit.

The Importance of a Quality Camera

It’s worth noting that the quality of your virtual tour will depend on the camera capabilities of your mobile phone. Fortunately, modern smartphones offer impressive camera technology, enabling stunning visuals and immersive experiences. Some notable phones with excellent cameras include the Google Pixel 7 ProSamsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, and Apple iPhone 14 Pro. If you own any of these devices, you’re in for a treat when capturing your virtual tours. However, the My360 VR Kit is designed to work with a wide range of smartphone models, ensuring accessibility for users with varying devices, any good phone that is less than around 2 years old can still yield impressive results with the My360 VR Kit.

Understanding the my360 VR Kit

The My360 VR Kit is a comprehensive solution designed to enhance your virtual tour photography experience. It consists of three essential components:

Wide-Angle Lens:

The kit comes with a premium fisheye lens that ensures exceptional image quality. This lens captures a wider field of view, allowing you to include more detail in your virtual tours. The resulting visuals are immersive and realistic, providing viewers with a truly interactive experience.

Rotator Stand:

Also included is a convenient rotating stand that ensures steady and consistent image capture. This stand rotates your mobile phone at a consistent speed, ensuring a seamless transition between shots and enabling a cohesive virtual tour experience. 

Dedicated App:

The My360 app, available for both iOS and Android devices, complements the my360 VR Kit perfectly. The app offers intuitive controls and an easy-to-navigate interface, making it simple to capture, stitch, and publish your virtual tours. You can adjust settings, add hotspots, and customize the tour to your liking, all within the app.

Steps to Shoot a Virtual Tour with the my360 VR Kit

Now that you have a clear understanding of the My360 VR Kit and its components, let’s dive into the step-by-step process of capturing a captivating virtual tour using your mobile phone. By following the instructions in this video, you’ll be able to showcase properties like a pro and provide customers with an immersive experience they won’t forget. So grab your mobile phone equipped with a quality camera and let’s get started on creating stunning virtual tours;

The Kit offers a convenient and efficient solution for shooting virtual tours using your mobile phone. With the combination of a high-quality camera phone, the My360 wide-angle lens, the dedicated app, and the rotator stand, you can capture immersive and professional virtual tours that captivate potential buyers or renters. Start exploring the possibilities and revolutionize your property showcasing with the My360 VR Kit and your mobile phone’s camera.

Remember, the quality of your virtual tour will ultimately depend on the capabilities of your mobile phone’s camera, so consider using phones like the Google Pixel 7 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, or Apple iPhone 14 Pro for the best results.

For more information, tips & tricks take a look at our other video tutorials and happy shooting!

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