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So you created your virtual tour, you added images, you linked the text to your website and added a video to the start, but now what you would like to do is create a menu for your virtual tour!

A menu is handy, especially if you have a big tour, so people can click and go straight through to the part of the property that they are most interested in. So YES, we want to add a menu! But how is it done?

Here’s the simple steps on how to create a menu for your virtual tour:

  1. In the tour editor, click on Settings
  2. Choose the tab “menu” 
  3. Create headings (optional) 
  4. Drag the images from the left side of the screen to the right and put them in the order you want
  5. Click save & publish
  6. Admire your new menu!

Here’s a handy video:

And here’s the same but with pictures:

1. In the tour editor, click on Settings

2. Choose the tab “Menu”

3. You can create headers (or not) to separate different rooms. To create a header – type it in the field and click “Add”:

So now you have a “heading”

4. Add your images by dragging them from the left screen onto the right screen:

You can then drag them up and down to put them in order – drag them a little to the left to put them under one of your headings. 

You can create more headers…

5. once you are happy with your menu, just click “save” and then “publish” to see the results:


You can make the menu as big as you like, but we always say “Less is more” so try to keep it to a minimum so the client will benefit from it more!

Now in this example we already named our images, but if your menu shows only “numbers” head over to this blog to find out how to rename your images!


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