How to make a virtual tour online using My360 Property Virtual Tours

How to make a virtual tour online

How to make a virtual tour online using My360 Property Virtual Tours

So you bought your awesome Ricoh Theta S, SC or V camera, your Samsung Gear, an Insta360 or any other single shot 360 camera plus of course any DSLR Camera, but now you have to make a virtual tour and you realise…. the camera does not actually do that for you!  so the question is: How to make a virtual tour online…???

You need a Virtual Tour software to do this for you, and you’re in luck today because we have the best virtual tour software available on the market at this time! (and we’re so modest don’t you think?).

So  let’s get straight in and show you how to make a virtual tour online using the My360 software in just a few easy steps.

We assume you already know how your camera works and how to process your images (if needed) and you have taken some lovely shots.

Here’s the quick guide for those that don’t like reading manuals at all… (We hear ya!)


  1. Log into My360
  2. Click on “Overview”
  3. Click on “Add new”
  4. Complete the form
  5. Click “Add spheres”
  6. Click “Choose files”
  7. Click “Upload all” (when you are done choosing all your files)
  8. Wait for the upload to finish (IMPORTANT)
  9. Click on “view spheres” (wait for them to process)
  10. Re-name the images
  11. Click the tab “Virtual Tours”
  12. Click “New Virtual Tour” then click “Skip & Go”
  13. Select the scenes you want to use in your tour
  14. Select the start scene
  15. Click on the tab “settings” – complete all the fields
  16. Click on the tab “menu” – create a menu
  17. Click “save”
  18. Drag the blue ball to your screen and choose the arrow
  19. Reposition the arrow and customise it in the side screen
  20. Select a destination scene and reposition it for a natural flow
  21. Click “GoTo” (A reverse hotspot will be created automatically)
  22. Reposition the reverse hotspot if necessary
  23. Repeat the above until all your images are connected
  24. Click “Publish Tour”
  25. Click “go to tour” to copy the embed code
  26. Click “preview” to copy the link to your tour


The My360 software of course has many other features that are not included in the above guide, such as the choice between different arrows, adding a video to your tour, adding single images & text to your tour, making the tour limited to just a few clicks, adding an info menu, changing colours, adding logos and nadir images etc. etc (I could go on, but who’s got time for that… click here to see the full list of features)

If you would like to take it a little slower (we hear you too… slow’s good!) Here’s the same steps but now with pictures…


1. Log into My360 (go to: click on login in the top right corner)


2. Click on “Overview”



Click on “Add new”



3. Complete the form



4. Click “Add spheres”



5. Click “Choose files”



6. Choose your images and click “open”



7. Click “Upload all” (when you are done choosing all your files)



8. Wait for the upload to finish (IMPORTANT) – you can leave the page again when all your images have a check mark.



9. Click on “view spheres”



10. Wait until your images have been processed ( this can take up to 10 minutes depending on how many images you uploaded – if you don’t see a change refresh the page, this should do the trick!):



11. Re-name the images (you might think this is unnecessary, but trust us, you’ll be glad you did that at a later stage!)



12. Click the tab “Virtual Tours” and then “+ New Virtual Tour”



13. Give your tour a name – a new window will open for the Virtual Tour Editor – click “Skip & Go” (or watch the tutorial)



14. Select the scenes you want to use in your tour & select a “start scene” (Glad you named the images now are you!)



15. Click on the tab “settings” – complete all the fields



16. Click on the tab “menu” – create a menu by dragging the tabs from the left to the right box (still glad about those image names!!)



17. click “save”



18. Drag the blue ball to your screen



19. Choose the arrow



20. Reposition the arrow in the side screen



21. Select a destination scene (seriously, those image names do come in handy right!?)



22. Click “GoTo” (A reverse hotspot will be created automatically – you might have to reposition the reverse hotspot in the next scene)



23. Repeat the previous steps until all your images are connected. then click “Publish Tour”



24. Click “go to tour”



25. Copy the embed code to put the virtual tour on your website or portals or a friends site or wherever you like:



26. Click “preview” to view the tour in full screen and copy the link to your tour to share on social media, emails, Whatsapp and wherever else you fancy.




KABOOM!! and that’s it! You’re done! you now have a virtual tour of your property and it didn’t even take a genius to figure that out right?? Well of course you look like a genius so don’t tell your friends 😉

There’s a whole host of features and additional settings you can play with if you like, so go ahead and test them out to spice up that tour, they are all super simple to use and can really help with the marketing of your property! Have fun creating lots of virtual tours, because our software is the ONLY software on the market at this price where you can build as many tours as you like without the price going up! Yeah, that’s just how we roll 🙂

Oh and if you want to learn how to embed your virtual tour in your website, then read this blog. You’re welcome 🙂

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