How to create a virtual tour using the Samsung Gear 360

virtual tour using the Samsung Gear 360

How to create a virtual tour using the Samsung Gear 360

When Samsung released its Samsung Gear 360 camera in 2017 we could not be more excited. Another affordable 360º camera had hit the market and we could not wait to find out how to create a virtual tour using the Samsung Gear 360.

The camera itself if great, it is very small so fits in the most unusual places and it is easy to handle. Though the image quality is not as good as the Ricoh Theta SC or V, it still outputs very decent images that you can use for your Real Estate Marketing.

So how do you create a virtual tour with the Samsung Gear 360?

Firstly, you need a software that allows you to build virtual tours like the My360 software. It allows you to upload your images straight from your phone into the software where you can the proceed with the creation of your virtual tour.  You can also use a windows computer or your apple mac to upload the images, so if you have no battery (or internet) left on your phone, don’t worry, you still get to make beautiful interactive virtual tours!

Another thing you need to be aware of is that you will need to process your images before you can upload them anywhere.

The Samsung Gear by default gives you a raw image, which is great if you are into “manual stitching” but whoever’s got time for that these days right!

So, without further ado, here’s the steps you need to take to start building a beautiful interactive virtual tour in minutes using your Samsung Gear 360 camera:

Here’s a quick guide for those amongst you who’ve been here before:


  1. Open your apps on your mobile device
  2. Choose “Samsung gear 360”
  3. Choose the “gear 360” tab
  4. Choose the image you would like to stitch (process)
  5. Save
  6. Open the My360 App
  7. Click “+new”
  8. Complete the form
  9. Click “+spheres”
  10. Upload your spheres
  11. Go to My360 on your desktop
  12. Create a virtual tour!


All done! – here’s the same again but now with images:


1. Using your mobile device click on the home screen and touch “apps”:


virtual tour using the Samsung Gear 360


2. Touch “Samsung Gear 360”:


 virtual tour using the Samsung Gear 360


3. Touch the “GEAR 360 tab”:


 virtual tour using the Samsung Gear 360


4. Touch the image you would like to stitch (process):


virtual tour using the Samsung Gear 360

5. Touch Save:


virtual tour using the Samsung Gear 360


6. Your stitched files are now under the “mobile device” tab (or in your photo gallery):


virtual tour using the Samsung Gear 360


7. Now open the My360 App on your phone and click “add new” ( click to download the my360 app for free from the apple store or Google Play Store):


virtual tour using the Samsung Gear 360


8. Complete the details and click “create”:


My360 virtual tours app


9. Click on “Add Spheres”:


    My360 virtual tours app add 360 images


10. Click on “select spheres” and then choose “gallery”:


   my360 virtual tours app upload images


11. Choose your images (max 15 at a time) and click “upload”:


Uploasd Spheres My360 App




13. Now click on “close” and wait for the images to process (this could take up to 5 minutes depending on the traffic at that moment) You should see your images under the spheres tab. (if you don’t see it, go back to mm management and click on the profile you just created):


My360 App


14. You can click on each sphere to see it in 360º


15. Now when you get back to the office, your images will be loaded in the My360 Platform on your desktop and you can start creating your virtual tour!


My360 Overview Page


Of course if you would like to upload your images direct to the My360 software using your PC or laptop, then just follow the steps until step 7 and create a profile in My360 to upload the images there.

So now you know how to create a virtual tour using the Samsung Gear 360. Of course you can use any 360º camera with the My360 software including the Ricoh Theta or any DSLR camera. Which camera do you use to make your virtual tours? Let us know in the comments below!

If you haven’t yet purchased your Samsung Gear 360 camera – you can do so by clicking on this link. 


2 Responses

  1. Hi i interest on how to create this virtual tour. i am new to this device.
    Do you some sample of virtual tour that done on house ?
    so i can see how good it is versus matteport.

    1. Hi John, unfortunately I have not done a virtual tour with the samsung of a property. However compared to Matterport…. that’s like comparing apples and motorcycles… The matterport camera is a 3D camera. You need to shoot every 2 meters to get the 3D effect. The image quality is superior. The Samsung Gear has a very low image quality in my opinion, for if you do a home virtual tour, you are better off buying a Ricoh Theta SC2 or a second hand V for example. If you want the same quality as matterport then you should try the Ricoh Theta Z1 which comes closest. I hope this answered your question!

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