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Updates to our virtual tour software

We have made a couple of updates and bug fixes on our virtual tours software. these include:

  • Add thumbnails of your images to the bottom of your tour

virtual tour software

  • Your destination is now visible on the tour intro screen

virtual tour software

  • The virtual tours software now works correctly on all browsers
  • The navigation of a live tour has be placed on the bottom of the tour instead of the middle

virtual tour software

  • You can now rename your tours inside the virtual tour editor

virtual tour software

  • The Iframe is now working when clicking on Iframe in your main dashboard

virtual tour software

  • You can now switch on/off your info-screen

virtual tour software

  • You can now select the first image of your tour – the image your virtual tour should start with

virtual tour software

Remember to clear your cache to view these recent changes.

Not sure how to clear your cache? Watch this tutorial:



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