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Allow sharing of all your virtual tours on Social Media, with the ability to customise sharing within each individual tour.

You and your clients can share your tours via the “Contact Form”, “Profile Description” or the “Quick Menu” icons within the player.

Player Social Share

Default Social Sharing

Set social sharing to “On” for all your tours by going to “Config & Settings” click on the “Vt’s tab – scroll down to “Share on Social Networks” and select the social media channels that you would like to be displayed on ALL your tours.

Default - Social Share

Customise Social Sharing

You have the ability to customise the social sharing for each individual tour. While in the VT Editor go to “Tour Settings” then click on the “Settings” tab – select “Tour Customiser” – customise the tour to the settings you require and select the social media networks that you wish to share too or turn off to overwrite your default settings.

Customise - Social Share

Now you know how to set up all your tours so they can be share on social media.

If this tutorial is still not making much sense to you:

Then get on the phone to us


Email our support team


Use the chat box in the right hand bottom corner of your screen,

We’re always happy to show you how it’s done through a personal Skype meeting.


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