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You asked… we listened and then we delivered!

That’s right! Pop Up hotspots are finally here! ahhhh the joy!

From today, pop up hotspots for images, text and video will be included in all our active My360 subscriptions – at no extra cost and for all to enjoy! Awesome right! So let’s get stuck in straight away and see how you can add your text pop up to your virtual tour too!

For the more advanced: 

  1. Go to your tour editor (or create a new tour if you don’t already have one)

  2. Click on the blue ball and drag it to your screen

  3. Choose the “Info” hotspot (this one is used for text & images)

  4. Activate “3d” (not required, but it looks better)

  5. Change the icon (if you want, we offer a full library of icons, or you can upload your own)

  6. Add the text to your hotspot – this can be anything and it is fully customisable to make it look good

  7. Click save & publish

  8. Done!

Here’s the same tutorial but now with images: 

1. Go to your tour editor (or create a new tour if you don’t have one yet)

2. Click on the blue ball to drag it to your screen:

3. Choose the “Info” hotspot (this one can be used for text & images)

4. Activate “3D” (this is optional, but may make your icon move better within the tour)

5. Change the icon to any icon you want (you can use our pre-populated icon library or just upload your own!).

Double click on the icon and then click “browse library” in the pop up screen)

Remember if you want a transparent background – always choose “original” when choosing the image. Furthermore, we recommend  the icons be 50 x 50 or smaller.

6. Add your text

You can personalise the text with the tools provided and you can also copy and paste text from elsewhere

7. Click save & publish

8. Admire your handy work!

You did it! You ROCK!

Click on the “info” icon in the example below to see the result…

What a great feature – now you can add as much text you like to your tour without it interfering with your beautiful images! Well done you!

Want to go a step further? Then click here to learn how you can insert a video in your pop up or learn how to add images to your text pop up too!


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