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Right! So you added a pop up text hotspot and a pop-up video hotspot to your virtual tour but what you want to do now is add some pop-up images to your virtual tour too! I say, hell yes, why not! Pop up all the things master!

In this tutorial we will show you how to add pop-up image hotspots to your virtual tours with My360. In fact, we’ll go a step further and explain also how you can add images WITH text as a hotspot to your tours! (don’t tell us we didn’t think of everything here!)

Alright you clever clogs… this one’s for you, the quick guide: 

  1. Go to the tour editor or create a new tour

  2. Drag the blue ball to the screen

  3. Add the “info” icon

  4. Activate “3d” (optional, but nice)

  5. Change the icon (upload your own or choose a different one)

  6. Upload your image(s)

  7. Add some text (optional)

  8. Click save & publish

  9. You’re done!

Here’s the same steps but with pictures and a little more explanation:

1. Go to your tour editor or create a new tour

2. Drag the blue ball to the screen:

3. Choose the “info” hotspot (this one can also be used for just text)

4. Activate “3d” (optional, but makes the icon work better within the player)

5. Change the icon (optional) by double clicking on the existing icon

You can choose any icon from our existing library of icons, or just upload your own. Remember to choose “original” if you want your icon to have a transparent background.

6. Upload your image for the Pop Up

Click on the “image” icon above the text field to choose your image for the pop up:

Click on browse server to access/upload your image:

Choose the image you want to add to your Pop Up – choose “original” especially if you want to have the image with a transparent background.

Resize the image (recommended to do this 400 px wide – it really does not have to be bigger than that)

7. Add some text (optional)

8. Click save & publish

And publish:


And there it is! You now have an amazing pop-up image hotspot in your tour and you even added some text too! Great work for today!

Here’s an example of an image hotspot in action:


And here’s one with the text added too:

So that’s all there is to it!

We encourage you to use hotspots throughout your tours to show your visitor everything there is to see in this tour, however, be aware, the more images you add to a tour, the heavier the tour becomes, so don’t go too crazy with this feature, or you’ll regret it!


We recommend 1 or 2 hotspots per scene is plenty, of course, you can also ignore that advise and go absolutely pop-up mad, but then it is at your own risk… don’t say we didn’t warn you! 🙂 #wewillloveyouanyway


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