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So you learned how to add a pop up text hotspot to your virtual tour and how to add images in a pop up hotspot – but what you really wanted was to add a video pop up in your virtual tour!

Of course you did! So we went ahead and created that awesome feature for you – at no extra cost, for all our users to enjoy – “coz we’re awesome like that” 🙂

In this tutorial we explain how you can add a pop up video hotspot to your virtual tour!

For the more advanced user (you know who your are!)

  1. Go to the tour editor (or create a new tour)

  2. Drag the blue ball to your screen

  3. Choose the “video” icon

  4. Activate “3d” (optional)

  5. Change the icon (optional)

  6. Choose the player (Vimeo or YouTube) & add the Video ID

  7. Click “save” and then “publish”

  8. All done! Enjoy!

Here’s the same again but now with images:

1. Go into your tour editor or create a new tour

2. Drag the blue ball to your screen:

3. Choose the “Video” icon

4. Activate “3D” (optional, but may make your icon look better within the tour)

5. Change the icon (optional)

Double click on the icon and then choose “browse server” to upload your icon or choose one from our icon library.

You can choose one of the icons from our icon library or just upload your own. Always make sure, if you want a transparent background, that your choose “original”.

6. Choose the video player (Vimeo or Youtube) and insert the ID.

The ID is the last part of the URL of the video (so not the entire URL)

So if your video URL looks like this:


or like this:


Then the ID is: n3ALyGfjq20

Put that ID in the box, like so:

7. Click save and then publish

8. All done! You added a video pop up to your virtual tour! Look at you go!

Here’s an example so you can see what it will look like when you’re done. 

Go ahead click on the icon, we know you want to!

And that’s all there is to it! Now go forth and add your video pop up hotspots to all your tours, but be aware, YouTube and Vimeo videos CAN affect the loading of your virtual tour, so while we encourage you to go absolutely nuts with pop ups in your tour, don’t come crying if your tour takes 5 minutes to load due to the 15 videos you added… #justsayin #weloveyoueitherwaythough


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