How to create a virtual tour using the Insta360 ONE X | Virtual Tour Software

So you have purchased an Inst360 ONE X! Lucky you! You are now the proud owner of one of the leading instant 360 cameras in the industry!

So now you have your camera… you wonder… How to create a virtual tour using the Insta360 ONE X?

Don’t fret my friend, all will be revealed in this blog. You are now on your way to make beautiful virtual tours, quickly, easily and affordable!

Here’s the short guide for all you impatient people…

  1. Shoot your images (preferably using HDR)
  2. Upload them to My360 using the My360 App
  3. Open the desktop version
  4. Start building your tour (click for full tutorial)

Here’s the same process, but slower… we like slow, slow’s gooooood…

  1. Shoot your images using the Insta360 ONE X camera
    1. Make sure HDR is enable for your shoot – click here to learn how
    2. Place the camera in the center of the room
    3. Make sure your lenses are clean
    4. Make sure all the lights are switched on
    5. Make sure your tripod is level
    6. Try not to put the camera in view of mirrors, this will save editing at a later stage
    7. Make sure no people are in the shot – an easy way to check this is to stand next to the camera and do a full 360 turn – see anything untoward? Remove it, the camera will see it too!
    8. Once happy – leave the room and take the shot
  2. Once you have taken all the images you needed – convert them to HDR (here’s a blog on how to do that)
    1. Make sure you have a shot of all the rooms
    2. Any terraces and gardens are also done?
    3. You will need 1 shot in front of each entrance to each room so the tour connects well.
  3. Now save your images to your phone (here’s how)
    1. Save to your photo album – don’t send them to yourself using Whatsapp or Facebook – they tend to reduce the image size
  4. Open the My360 App and create a new profile where you upload the images from your phone

Your images will automatically be uploaded to your My360 account, so you can start creating a tour immediately when you get back to the office.

Continue reading this blog to find out how to create your own virtual tour.


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