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My360 recently introduced the new “featured image” option so you can now add a featured image to your virtual tour. You can simply add a “normal” image, take a screenshot of the best part of the virtual tour and add that or get a little more creative and create a featured image for your virtual tour that converts!

The featured image is also important to keep your brand consistent. So if you create a “template” for your featured image, you can use the same style over and over again which people will start recognising soon.

In this tutorial we use Canva, the easiest drag & drop image designer software we know of… and what’s more… it’s FREE! 🙂

Canva does have paid features, but for what you are doing today, you can easily just use the free plan.

Here’s a quick guide on how to add a featured image to your virtual tour:

  1. Go to Canva

  2. Click “create a design”

  3. Choose “Facebook Ad” (1200×628 px)

  4. Choose any pre-made design and add your own images

  5. Create your own design

  6. Download your design

  7. Go to the tour profile in My360

  8. click on “profile images”

  9. Upload the design to the “featured image” section

  10. Check what it looks like using the Facebook Debugger Tool 

Here’s the video:


Here’s the same but now with pictures:

1. Head over to “Canva” and create a new design using the Facebook Ad template (1200 x 628 px) which is the perfect size


2. Create a new design or use a template & save that design to your desktop


3. in your My360 account, click on the tour profile you wish to add this image to

4. Click on “Profile images”

5. upload your image you just created with Canva & click “save”

6. Go to the virtual tour tab & click on “iframe”

7. Copy your tour link

8. go to Facebook Debug, add your link and click “debug”

9. If you see the below dialog, click “fetch new information” (you may not see this dialog)

10. You should now see your new featured image. If you don’t, click “scrape again” to refresh the cache of Facebook


And that’s all there is to it! Now you can add your own lead generating- click converting featured image to your virtual tours!


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