How to add your virtual tour to

add your virtual tour to

Many My360 users are currently using to market their properties to the Irish Market, but up to not so long ago, they could not publish their virtual tours to the platform! We contacted at once, and we have now created a special link to use on this portal, so apart from publishing your virtual tour everywhere else online, you can add your virtual tour to also!

Here’s how in quick steps:

  1. Sign in to My360
  2. Click on the property you wish to publish on
  3. Click on the tab “virtual tours”
  4. Click on the cogs on the right of the tour
  5. Checkmark “” in the pop up
  6. Copy the URL that shows on the right of the pop up
  7. Open your dashboard
  8. Paste the url in the box for the virtual tours

Here’s the same, now with pictures:

1. Sign in to my360 (don’t have an account? Click here)

2. Click on the property you want to publish on

To get there – click “mm management > overview”

add your virtual tour to

3. Click on the tab “Virtual Tours”

add your virtual tour to

4. Click on the 3 cogs to the right of the tour you wish to publish to

This will open a pop up with different settings for different portals

add your virtual tour to

5. Check the box for

add your virtual tour to

6. Copy the url on the right hand side

This URL will look different than your normal url – as it is approved especially for

add your virtual tour to

7.  Go into your dashboard

You need to log into your dashboard clicking here

8. Paste the url you just copied in the “virtual tour” box of the property

add your virtual tour to


Now your property will have your My360 virtual showing on its listing with!

If you have a specific portal where you wish to add a My360 virtual tour, then contact our support team today and we’ll make it happen!


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