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Finally, we made it!! The portal for property virtual tours is live and we can’t be any more excited!!

My360REA.com is a fact!

It is the first of its kind, and we are sure it will be a very popular platform. A property portal where the user can find all their properties for sale in 360º. How cool is that! Visit www.my360rea.com to see the final result and enjoy the fine 360º tours your fellow real estate agents have produce so far!

Luckily for the users of my360propertyvirtualtours, this portal for property virtual tours is free of charge, and how to add your properties to this portal automatically is easy! Just watch this tutorial to find out how and what you need to do.



For those who are not yet a member of my360, what are you waiting for?? We are ace, and rock the virtual tour world! Our service is awesome, our team is helpful and friendly and seriously, if you haven’t yet started looking at virtual tours for your properties you have to get into the 21st century (seriously, this century is SO much nicer than the 20th, we promise!). So join the bandwagon, and start making awesome virtual tours of your properties today. Add them to our platform, publish them on your site or other portals, and of course, publish them on my360REA.com! You won’t regret it! 🙂

Why My360REA is a different portal for property virtual tours

My360REA allows everyone who owns a 360º camera to upload their virtual tours of their properties for sale or for rent onto our platform, absolutely FREE of charge! All you need is a subscription to My360 Property Virtual Tours and start creating beautiful virtual tours in minutes. Then simply tick the “publish” box and your tours are published on the Portal for property virtual tours, My360Rea.com

We are not charging you enormous monthly fees like other property portals, we won’t call you every 3 minutes with another sale proposal, and we certainly won’t stop you from using any camera you like for your virtual tours. (though we give you a FREE Ricoh Theta when you sign up this month!)

We are open, friendly and want to make sure your properties get found online for potential buyers to look at.

How much does it cost?

Ok let’s break it down for you gently…

IT. IS. 100%. FREE.!!!

Yes, that’s right! By becoming a member of My360, you automatically get access to publish your great virtual tours on our platform immediately! No hidden costs, no fine print. Just publish and enjoy. Can’t be very hard can it?

In fact, we even look after the marketing, so your properties are found even better and quicker. Oh isn’t it a wonderful world!

Ok, it’s weekend now, so the My360 team is going off and celebrate another great milestone. You just add your properties to our FREE property portal, and let us know what you think in the comments!

See you later My360 friends! There’s more of this awesome stuff coming soon, so watch this space!


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