Adding your OWN virtual tour on Zillow

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virtual tour on Zillow

Zillow as well as Trulia are the some of the most popular property portals in the USA and Canada.  You can sign up as an agent or simply post 1 single property to sell as private vendor. In both cases, you can add your own virtual tour to your listing and below we show you exactly how that is done! 

How to add your own virtual tour to Zillow

  1. Log into your My360 account and copy the virtual tour URL (both whitelabel and normal links will work) 
  2. Go to your Zillow account (or create a new account / property) 
  3. Create a new listing or edit an existing listing
  4. Scroll down to “photo’s”
  5. Paste the URL copied earlier from My360 into the box “virtual tour link”
  6. Click on “update” and view your masterpiece! 


It really is THAT simple! 🙂 Anyone can add their own virtual tour to Zillow following these 5 easy steps!

Now keep in mind you can clone your full virtual tour in My360 to create a shorter version that you show on your Zillow listing. This way, you can entice people to contact you to view the complete tour. 

Not only will you then have their contact details, you will also know they are definitely interested in your property as they have already seen part of your virtual tour. 

And with the prices of fuel going through the roof at the moment, offering virtual open houses to your clients is definitely the way forward! 

“But wait – I work with an MLS system connected to Zillow… “

Not to worry! Make sure you have added your virtual tour link in your main real estate software, and the MLS will just push that through to Zillow automatically! 

If it doesn’t, then simply manually add the link by adding it in Zillow once the property has been imported. 

Happy days! 

P.s. Did you know you can also add your virtual tours completely FREE of charge to Click the link to find out more! 

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