A  Glimpse of Online Photo Editing Services and Tools

Photography is a very smart artistic vocation for people who want to cherish memories through photos and videos. And with the introduction of virtual tours that are easy to create these days, photo editing software is becoming ever more popular.  Touch-ups with new age tools have become crucial preference. Artistic touches, filters, stickers, smoothening and adding text are most commonly used photo editing features. In this age of modern of technology and internet based utilities, online photo editing tools and services are serving varied purposes. In fact, people from different age groups have recognized these tools as the most integral resource for revamping photos. Besides, the online photo editing services have boosted the sales of ecommerce sellers. They rely on these tools to drive more conversion with effective product photography.

DIY photography has increased with the emergence of selfie trend, but, the perception is currently changing for the same. There is nothing less than perfection in the mindset of people who capture selfies with their mobile devices. And thankfully, this perfection can be achieved with online photo editing tools and services. Here’s a quick overview of a few of the photography editing software and apps that can be used to achieve that perfect picture:

  1. Fotor

This browser based photo editing tool is beneficial for beauty retouching. With the help of this tool, three exposures can be applied together in a single image. This High Dynamic  Range (HDR) Feature of Fotor makes it a worthy competitor in the photo editing business. Light and tone can be balanced by using the various options of this online photo editor. Users can add filters, frames, text, stickers and adjust color as well as size of the image by the optimum utilization of fotor. Advanced editing options are also for portrait retouching, collage and along with perfect compilation of design templates. One can unlock its additional features by switching to Fotor Pro.

  1. Pixlr

This free photo editing software is compatible with mobile and web devices. The major features of Pixlr enable the users to apply red eye correction, sponge tool, brush tool and use gradient editing effects. In case you are looking for more editing options the Pro version can be purchased. But Pixlr can definitely suffice to your photography editing purpose though the free version, so try that first. It is among the most preferred online photo editing tools and services to deliver precise result for photo retouching.

  1. BeFunky

Be it crop, resize or rotate, whichever photo editing feature you want to apply to pictures, BeFunky will offer accurate results. This free browser based picture editing software is ideal for adjusting light and exposure to the images. For more advanced features, BeFunky offers a PRO account.

  1. Canva

Non designers and professionals can create beautiful designs while using vector images, graphics and fonts. This simplified photo editing and graphic design tool has comprehensive interface. It comes in free as well as paid versions.

Always remember when editing your virtual tour images that you need to make sure the output is the same size as the original image (or bigger) otherwise they might not look nice in your virtual tour player!

Furthermore, you might need to add the metadata of your camera back if you are looking to share the 360 image on Facebook. You can read all about how to do that in our blog about exiffixer.

The above online photo editing tools and services are significant for hassle free photo retouching and beautification. And if you have no luck, consider using a photo editing service online or if you already use a different photo editor, why not share it with our readers in the comments below! Sharing is caring!


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