Exiffixer – Facebook metadata fixer for 360 images

facebook metadata fixer for 360 images

Exiffixer – Facebook metadata fixer for 360 images

Are you trying to upload a 360º spherical image to Facebook but does Facebook not recognise the image as being a rotating image?? Don’t worry! here’s the Facebook metadata fixer for 360 images so you can upload to your hearts content!

Facebook 360º images is relatively new and even Facebook can’t get it right all the time so the kind people of IVRPA have taken it upon themselves and developed this awesome tool! I salut you!

You can visit their website here: Exiffixer website 

This website will show you a button to download the exiffixer to your computer (mac or windows)

If you are just looking to do 1 image (or just a few) and don’t want to download a whole app, perhaps the below tool will come in handy. This is a tool made by nadirpatch.com and it will automatically inject the data in any image you upload. it’s a free tool, so the upload is a little slow, but once done, it gives you the downloadable file straight away. Pretty nifty we think! And worth a small donation when you can!

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  1. Hi – I thought you might be interested to hear that I have made an online version of Exif Fixer: https://exiffixer.com. This is for those who don’t want to download an app just to fix one or two images, or for those who are using a mobile device. The process is very simple: upload your image then download the ‘fixed’ version of the image. Automatic and quick!

    1. Hi. Nice tool. Thanks. One question, why the minimum compression is 50%, is 0% not an option?

      1. Hmm. You know what? The percentage relates to quality rather than compression – I need to change the text in that page! It defaults to 80% but you can pick 90% quality (minimal compression) if you prefer. I’ve tested 100% and it’s a bit pointless for a ‘just before posting’ process, so I capped the option at 90%.

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