Virtual tours for schools are the new open school days

Virtual tours for schools

We all know how the property virtual tour market has grown immensely in the last couple of years, but a different market that is on the rise right now is virtual tours for schools! 

At my360 we have seen a significant increase in students & teachers signing up for the special education package to create a Virtual tours for schools, university, college or even kindergartens! 

The Education sector loves virtual tours and there’s some very good reasons why! 

Virtual open Days

The amount of extra students that could potentially enrol in your educational facility is huge! Allowing your students to look around your buildings, guiding them with a video chat functionality and showing them around online is an absolute must for any school these days. 

People want to do everything from their home these days, shopping, working, online meetings or online sports… Why not online open days for your school! 

Have a bigger audience

Imagine you can now show off your school or university to students far and wide! Even those that can’t travel to visit your facilities during your open days, especially those! 

You can reach far more students, much farther afield than previously anticipated. Imagine the reach you could have with Virtual tours for schools!

Get the family involved

The students may be able to come and visit your school, but what about the parents of the student? They may not have the time, and when it comes to choosing a suitable college of university, the opinion of the parents is the most important! 

With a virtual tour of your school, you can invite other family members to do the tour with you when it suits them. 

They get time to ask questions using the integrated video chat functionality and they can explore your educational facilities at their own speed.  

Save time & money

Your school is on a tight budget, and open days for schools are an expensive marketing exercise! 

Using virtual tours, you can save on the costs of traditional open days, and since you can really plan in the meetings you have with the students and their family, you can plan everything better, saving you time in the long run. 

Add to your marketing

QR codes of virtual tours can be added to any marketing materials, so if you’re advertising in magazines, newspapers, pamphlets or billboards, don’t forget to add the QR to your virtual tour so people can visit your buildings from anywhere in the world at any time they like! 

Overcome hurdles

Unfortunately, this new age of technology has made many more people just a little “antisocial” – when was the last time you answered a call from an unknown number? 

The same is happening when people need to go out to meet strangers that will show them around in their facilities. Some people simply can’t muster up the courage to go and might decide against visiting your facility out of social anxiety. 

A virtual tour will lower that threshold completely. People will be able to view your buildings beforehand and thus the “angst” they experienced before about the “unknown” is completely gone! 

This is why virtual tours are also very popular with institutions and schools for people with learning disabilities or autism! It’s the perfect solution to help people overcome their fears of the unknown! 

There are plenty more reasons why your school, university, nursery or college should use virtual tour technology more, but these are the most prominent. 

Oh and did we mention how cost effective the My360 education packages are? All the more reason to get started today! You can sign up for a free account, all you need is a 360º camera, or you can even use your mobile phone! 

Let us know how you used your school virtual tour in your marketing plan below!

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