Add a video chat to your virtual tour and increase sales!

Adding a video chat to your virtual tour is a great way to increase the sales in your company. Not just for real estate, but also for businesses, architects, interior designers, you name it. Especially in this day and age where people are less likely to want to physically come out (Covid has turned us into a nation of introverts!) and meet with you or the vendor, this tool is more important than ever! 

Unfortunately only a handful of virtual tour software have this feature included in their software and of those that do, most charge a fortune in extra costs to use it. 

Lucky for you, you subscribed to the My360 virtual tour software (right??!!) so you don’t have to worry about ANY of that. The Video Chat feature is included and for FREE for everyone! 

Here’s how you install it: 

Why do you need a video chat on your virtual tour?

The answer to that is quite simple – because it will save you time, money and increase the chances of a succesfull sale! Why? 

1. Save time

Using the video chat inside a virtual tour allows you to show a property to your clients without having to physically visit the property. You can answer questions while you show your client around, gauge their interest through the video chat and allow them to take over the controls to find out what really interests them! 

If the client, after viewing the virtual tour, is still interested in actually going to the property, they are 80% more likely to purchase that property! 

2. Save Money

As described in point 1, you don’t have to physically move from your office to show your clients around! This means you can attent to more clients and this will save you a lot of money! Not to mention the money you will save in reducing that petrol bill! 

Working from home? No problem! You can still show your clients around in your properties without ever leaving the sofa! 

3. Higher conversion rate

It is 100% true that your conversion rate will be many times higher when you use video chat to show your client around your property portfolio. 

It’s so easy to use! Send them the link(s) to all the properties you want them to see and off you go for the afternoon!

Where before, in traditional home viewings you would perhaps be able to visit 3 or 4 properties, now you can do an open house in as many as 10 or more properties per day! 

This will definitely increase your sales as you can show your client so much more!

4. No bother for the home owner

Using a virtual tour with video chat is also great if you are selling a home that has people living in it. Wether it is rented for long term or used as holiday rental, the owner may still live in it too! 

What about doing an “open house” on a set date, send your virtual tour in an email newsletter and make appointments to do the virtual viewings. 

Now you don’t have to bother anyone when you have an open house, you simply view the property online, and if the client is interested after the online viewing, then you can still make an appointment to view it for real – with a much higher chance that the property will be sold at that point! 

So you see, the video chat is an important feature for your business, and since there’s absolutely NO EXTRA COST from My360 – you would be silly not to use it! 

Don’t have a My360 account yet? – What are you waiting for? Get started for FREE today! 

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