Should you upgrade from a Ricoh Theta V to a Z1?

Ricoh Theta V to a Z1

We have already provided the Ricoh Theta Z1 and Ricoh Theta V split screen image comparison.

And you’ve already seen how good the images are from the Z1 on a property shoot with our Theta Z1 My360 review

So if you already own a Theta V (now named SC2) and are considering an upgrade or you own another single shot 360 camera and are considering your next 360 camera investment or you are new to this 360 world and are looking at all the options then the Theta Z1 is a big investment to make. We thought we would provide a little more help by shooting a clients’ business premises using both the Theta V and the Theta Z1, providing a different type of test, a test of close up image detail.

Both cameras were set to HDR mode and none of these images have been edited so you get a genuine like for like comparison.

Click on Full Screen view and zoom in to really see the differences.

Client Shoot

And to help you in your own review of these cameras here are the final virtual tours created by both camera.

Theta V


Theta Z1



Both the cameras produce a virtual tour that your client would be happy with but when it comes to detail and clarity of image then the Z1 wins hands down as proven by these zoomed in screen shots below.

Theta V VS Z1 - SC2 V Z1 Comparison

Theta V VS Z1 - SC2 V Z1 Comparison

Theta V VS Z1 - SC2 V Z1 Comparison

As we’ve said before, the amazing detail in the Z1 images and the quick workflow when shooting HDR makes this an exceptional single shot 360 camera and if you have the budget, it’s the next step up in 360 photo imagery!

What are your thoughts on the Theta V and the Theta Z1? Let us know in the comment section!

If you are ready to buy the Ricoh Theta Z1 in the UK – then check out this unbeatable price!

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