Ricoh Theta V vs Insta360 ONE X Image Comparison

Ricoh Theta V vs Insta360 ONE X

Ricoh Theta V vs Insta360 ONE X

With the Ricoh Theta V and the Insta360 ONE X in the same price bracket we thought it a good idea to compare these two cameras solely from the view point of shooting 360 degree photos as a non professional photographer. If you are in the 360 video business then that’s a completely different ball game and the Insta360 ONE X is in a league of its own.

We shot images with both the Theta V and Insta360 ONE X just so you can compare like for like – all images were shot within a minute of the comparable image, both cameras were set to HDR mode and none of these images have been edited.

Below you can click on the individual thumbnails to review shots taken at different times of the day (6:45 / 12:00 PM /17:00/ 22:00) drag the image and make an easy comparison of the shots side by side.

Day & Night

Below is a comparison of the Theta V and Insta360 ONE X images from part of a clients shoot. Again both cameras were set to HDR and the only editing in any of the images was just the removal of the tripod.

Client Shoot

And finally to help you in your own review of these cameras here are the virtual tours created by both camera side by side.

Theta V

Insta360 ONE X


When you initially look at the Day and Night split screen at the top of this page and select the images shot at the different times of day you could be quick to make the decision that the Insta360 images are clearer in terms of detail compared to the Theta V and to be honest the Insta360 image colours and more real to the true scene colours than the Theta V and the Theta V certainly performs better in low light conditions.

However, when you take the cameras in to a real shoot environment as in the Client Shoot split screen, then you get a different picture again.

Take a look at these screen shoots. This first screen shot has been zoomed in and you can clearly see in this light condition the Theta V has more detail in the image than the Insta360. 

Now if you turn this same image 180 degrees (again this image has been zoomed in) you will clearly see that the Insta360 image has more detail in the image. 

Finally, take a look at the screen shot of the bedroom (no zoom) you can clearly see the Theta V image has more detail and is clearer than the Insta360 image. 

We are going to sit on the fence with this one as at the end of the day both cameras produce a tour that your clients would be happy with, as you can see in the final tours created and here at My360 we recommend both these cameras.

The idea of this review is to provide you with unedited images and give you somewhere to start before making a decision to buy. We are more than happy to provide additional advice based on your individual circumstances before you purchase, just contact our support team.

If you are looking to buy a 360 camera soon, don’t forget to look at our 360 camera sales page too as we have some very special offers on 360 cameras at the moment!

What are your thoughts on the Theta V and the Insta360 ONE X? Let us know in the comment section!

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