Ricoh Theta V vs Z1 Image Comparison

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Theta V vs Z1 Image Comparison

Theta Z1 and Theta V 360 Image Comparison

UPDATE: The Ricoh Theta V is now discontinued, but the SC2 has exactly the same specs when it comes to 360º images, and it’s 100€ cheaper so it’s a win-win! 

With the Ricoh Theta Z1 widely acclaimed to deliver the highest quality image from a single shot 360 camera to date we thought it about time we showed what investing in a Z1 could do for your real estate agency or photography business.

We shot images with both the Theta Z1 and Theta V just so you can compare like for like – all images were shot within a minute of the comparable image, both cameras were set to HDR mode and none of these images have been edited.

Below you can click on the individual thumbnails to review shots taken at different times of the day (Six AM / Twelve PM /Five PM / Ten PM) drag the image and make an easy comparison of the shots side by side.


Go full screen and use the zoom – you will see without doubt the Theta Z1 images have so much more detail and clarity in the image compared to the Theta V. In our opinion the Ricoh Theta Z1 is certainly worth every cent!

If you have the budget and you want to deliver your vendors or clients with the best quality 360 real estate photography, then the Z1 is a great investment in your business.

Check out the Theta V Specs

Check out the Theta Z1 Specs

You can also get your hands on a Z1, V or SC at our reduced prices

What are your thoughts on the differences between the Theta Z1 and the Thea V? Let us know in the comment section!

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