My360 features in “The Business of real Estate Photography”

My 360 features in the bestseller for real estate photographers “The Business of real Estate Photography” a book by Steven Ungermann – which is a complete guide to Real Estate Photography.

A MUST READ for any real estate photographer, no matter how experienced you are, this book is jam packed with tips and tricks to make your life easier, the workload flow better and more importantly get more sales and leads.

In the book, Steven describes how to win over your first few clients or grow your existing business but also gives you a good insight on what cameras are good to use, which virtual tour software are important and what tools could help you become an (even better) real estate photographer.

My360 is proud to have been mentioned as one of only four virtual tour software that Steven recommends in his book. We have of course already bought our own copy of the book, but if you are interested to learn more, don’t hesitate to get your own online or offline copy.


Our Verdict

What we liked about the book is that Steven talks of his own experiences and gives you advice based on this in his book. He has tried and tested methods that work and will make the life of any real estate photographer so much easier.

So if you have a passion for photography, starting up your own business or looking for new ways to expand your existing business, grab a copy of this valuable book today.

Disclaimer: My360 has not paid to be in this book, nor have we been paid to write this article, it is just honest, free and valuable advice that will make a huge impact in your normal day to day Real Estate Photography Business Life! 

You can find out more about Steven and but the book direct here: About The Author


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