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My360 is pleased to share that we have been approved for Fotocasa!

Fotocasa is one of the largest spanish property portals in Spain alongside Idealista and they have recently opened their platform up to allow their clients to upload their own virtual tours to their listings for FREE!

Unlike other property portals, Fotocasa is allowing their users to publish their own virtual tours to their platform 100% free, which we think is excellent!

Here’s a quick guide on how to publish your virtual tour to Fotocasa for FREE!

  1. Sign in to your My360 account
  2. Click on the profile where you created the tour
  3. Click on the tab “virtual tours”
  4. Click on the word “iframe” next to the name of the tour you want to publish to Fotocasa
  5. Click on “preview”
  6. Copy the link in your browser bar
  7. Go to your Immofactory account of Fotocasa
  8. Click on the property
  9. Click on “fotos”
  10. In the box “añadir 3D/visita virtual o videos, select “3D Visita virtual” in the dropdown
  11. Paste the link you copied earlier
  12. Publish

Note that it can take up to 15 minutes for the virtual tour to be live on your listing in fotocasa.

The result will be a new button on your listing with a 360 icon

And a button on the listing page:

And a pop up when clicked:

Looking good right!

Now keep in mind, some of the icons of your tour may now work anymore because of the Fotocasa overlay / player, but this is how Fotocasa have configured it and not something that is in our control.

Here’s some more help getting your tour published on Fotocasa:

To see how to copy your tour URL click here

In your Immofactory account of Fotocasa, you paste the URL here: 

Don’t forget to change the dropdown to “3D visita virtual”!



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