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In this blog, we are going to assume you have already read the information about how to become a reseller for My360 and you already know how easy it is to earn some extra money from sharing our software using your affiliate link with the world!

If not… click this link to find out more on how to become a reseller for My360

Here is a quick tutorial on where to find your affiliate link and your resellers information.

For those that are pro’s at this, here’s a quick guide:

  1. Log into your My360 account as Admin (only Admins can see the reseller information)

  2. Click on Account > Affiliates

  3. Copy your Resellers URL or your Resellers code

  4. Share with the world

  5. Track your affiliates

  6. Make money!

Well… that was simple! But let’s give you some more details info here:

1. Log into your My360 account by clicking on HERE

2. Don’t have an account? Then create one first by CLICKING HERE

3. Once you have accessed your account, click on “My account” and choose “Affiliates”

4. On this page you will find your affiliate link and affiliate code.

This is my code – so don’t use that one! (unless you want me to make all the money of course! 🙂 )

You can use the link to send to someone else and if they sign up to the software using this link you automatically get the commission.

You could also send someone the affiliate code – in case they want to browse around for a bit – they use this code on the sign up page in the box “referral code”

5. Once someone has signed up to My360 using your resellers link, you will see their details appear in your account like so:

You can see the following details of your affiliate:

  1. “Reference”: the referral code they used to sign up
  2. “Country”: where are they from
  3. “Account status”: Active or Hidden (it is active once the user confirms their email address)
  4. “Paid Status”: Paid or unpaid (the status is unpaid while in trial mode, once it changes to “paid”, you start earning money)
  5. “Created”: The date this person has signed up

At this moment, those are the only details we provide for resellers, however we are looking to add many more details in the future.

Once you have a paying affiliate, you will receive an email from us at the end of each month with the amount that you can invoice us and we will pay you using PayPal.


How can I share my affiliate link?

We recommend you make a page on your blog or website with a tutorial or explanation of our software. In this blog, you can add the sign up link for people to click on.

Alternatively you can use an image on your website promoting My360 and add your resellers link to the image.

You can make your own images, or you can download any of the below images to get started straight away!


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