Je huis sneller verkopen met virtuele tours

huis sneller verkopen

Are you planning on making a virtual tour of your property to sell your house? Then follow these simple tips to sell your house even faster using virtual tours!

1. Make your home a blank canvas

Experts at RealestateKO suggest:

To sell your house faster you need to show the potential client a blanc canvas – a home where they can picture their own decorations and personal items. Most people don’t have the imagination to look beyond your clutter, and even through you like that 1820`s ornament your aunty Mildred gave you for your birthday, the general public might disagree, and it might even turn buyers off!

So when you make your property virtual tour, make sure you declutter – give the potential buyer a better idea of where their stuff can go. Plus – it will make your property look larger! That’s a plus too!

Look at the below image – which kitchen appeals more to you?


2. Do a little maintenance

Virtual tours give the potential buyer an “unbiased” view of the property – they can decide where to go and what to look at and can zoom in on every corner of the room. So make sure you fill that hole, repair the damaged tap and paint the walls if needed. This way, when your buyer does use the walk-through tour, they can not fault your home immediately on small repairs!

3. Let there be light!

A good virtual tour should be shot in plenty of light. So make sure all the lights are on in every room, and that includes bedside lamps, kitchen lights and porch lights. Also switch on the lights of the rooms you are not even shooting. You will be surprised at the difference it will make to your pictures.

Make sure all the curtains are opened fully and there are no objects blocking the views.

4. Tend to the garden

An overgrown garden is a strict no-no. Even though you might not live in the property anymore, you still need to make sure it has “curb appeal”. So make sure the front and backyard are looking welcoming and well maintained, it will give the potential buyer a better feeling and no negative thoughts about “this property needing too much maintenance”.

Make sure you make a good walk through virtual tour of the garden spaces – the more images, the bigger the buyer will think the space is!

Have a swimming pool? Add pillows and towels to the sun beds – cushions on the garden furniture and pop up that umbrella. It will make the garden look more inviting and the buyer will get the feeling he wants to take the virtual plunge in the pool!

5. Show off all areas

Does the property have parking? Perhaps it has a storage or a shed? Don’t forget to include it in the tour. You might not include it in the promo tour, but once the client has decided they want to see more, you should definitely include it.

Even utility rooms can be shot with a 360 camera, and will give the buyer a better idea of everything that is available to them when they buy.

6. Choose the right camera

Making property virtual tour photography is simple, as long as you use the right 360 camera! The new Ricoh Theta Z1 is a great example of a camera that will allow you to shoot a property in minutes, and of course, using the My360 software, you will have your tour built and ready to share in under 30 minutes!


If your budget does not allow for the Z1, the insta360 ONE X is another great option as well as the Theta V. <<< click here to see a comparison between the 2

7. Make sure you’re covered

Even though the estate agent allows you to show the property from the inside and outside, you might also want to add a tour of the surrounding neighborhood. If you decide to do this, make sure you don’t shoot in residential areas without permission of the other owners in the area.

If you are not sure what you can or can’t do in a particular area, you could hire a solicitor to make sure you are legally allowed to shoot a virtual tour in a particular street.

8. Share your tour everywhere

Once your virtual tour has been built, and approved of by the owner, you want to share it far and wide

once way to do this is by sending it through whatsapp or email to potential buyers, but you should also share it on Facebook or other social media channels.

Furthermore, you could include the link in your next newsletter and add the embed code to your website so anyone visiting your site will be able to see it.

Here are some more great platforms where you can share virtual tours

9. Use call to actions

When you build your tour, make sure you use the call to actions provided with the software to really make your property stand out. Pop up hotspots with video or text really can make a difference!

Included in the My360 software you can also “limit the views” c potential buyer gets – this way you encourage them to complete a contact form if they want to see more of your tour. Now you have their contact details and you can email them with more information!

10. Invest in VR Glasses

VR Glasses can give the viewer the feeling they are right there in your property! Property virtual toursThis day and age, VR glasses don’t even have to be expensive, you can get cardboard glasses from as little as 6$ on Amazon (from 8 pounds on the UK Amazon here) . So why not get some printed with your own brand and logo and send them out to potential clients so they can view your properties from the comfort of their own living room!

These 10 tips will help you sell your home faster with virtual tours, but there’s so many other features in the My360 software that can be used to get that potential buyer over the line!

What technique are you using in your virtual tours to help a home sell faster? let us know in the comments!

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