Where can I publish property virtual tours?

Now you have access to your My360 Property Virtual Tours you want to show the world your beautiful walkthrough tours created with your virtual tour software. But where can you publish property virtual tours already?

Here is a list of portals that allow you to publish your property virtual tours. Some of them only allow a link, others allow you to add the entire tour, and some allow you to place a button. We explain here what can be done where and in some cases even how.

If you have a portal where virtual tours can be added to a property listing, please let us know so we can add you to our list!

  •  My360REA.com

    This online property portal has exclusively been created for members of My360. This means that you can publish property virtual tours to your hearts content, and FREE of charge! Your virtual tour will show in your full page property listing for anyone to enjoy along with a contact box to let the viewer contact your agency direct. Click to visit www.my360rea.com
  • Your own website

    The easiest way to publish property virtual tours is on your own website. Simply take the embed code from your virtual tour and add it to the html section of your web page. If you don’t know how to do this, your webmaster will be able to help. You can even request an API to connect to your site so all your tours are automatically published to your website. Tell your webmaster to contact our developers team and they will help them set this up for you.
  • Social Media

    You can share your virtual tour links to Social Media and even add your own personal description in some cases. You simple copy and paste the link to your tour to your preferred social media platform and share away! The single images taken with our 360º camera can also be uploaded to Google+ & Facebook to create a rotating image. Simply drag and drop the spherical image into your Facebook post and it automatically creates a rotating image. You can even upload a selection of images in one go!
  • Costa del Home

    This popular coastal portal in the south of Spain will let you add a link to your listing that leads to your virtual tour. It is not a click link, but people can copy & paste. Click here to see an example
  • Finn.no

    This popular swedish / norwegian property portal allows you to add both videos and virtual tours to your listings. It will show a link to “see virtual tour” Click to see an example (click on “vise virtuell tur”)
  • Fotocasa

    To publish property virtual tours with Fotocasa you can add a text description that a virtual tour is available to view on your website and add the link to your text. Click here to see an example
  • Funda.nl

    Funda.nl is the most popular dutch property portal allowing not only dutch properties but any European property to be sold through their portal. The good thing is that you can upload your own 360º images to their portal and videos of your virtual tour are also allowed. Click to see an example
  • Kyero.com

    Kyero.com is a popular Spanish property portal that allows the user to publish property virtual tours by inserting a link to their virtual tour in the description of their text. The link is a full link, so you might want to shrink your link before your publish it. Click here to see an example
  • Luxury Estate

    If you have an account with LuxuryEstate.com you can publish property virtual tours by adding the link to your virtual tour in your description as shown here: Click to see an example
  • Mil Anuncios

    The Spanish advertisement platform “mil anuncions” allows you to add a link as text in your advertisements. It is not as pretty, but you can use your link shrinker to make the link look a little smaller. (here’s how to shrink your link) Click to see an example
  • Pisos.com (casas.trovit)

    On this popular property portal they allow you to add a link of your virtual tour to the description of the property. If your link is very large, just add it to google’s link shrinker to get a nicer looking one! Click here to see an example
  • Prime Location Overseas

    This UK property search portal allows you to add a personalised description in your listing. No links are allowed though but they do allow videos so you could make a video of your virtual tour and upload that instead. Click to see an example
  • Rightmove Overseas

    If you are a member of the popular UK property portal RightMove Overseas, you will be able to add your virtual tour with a link on the listing.   Click here to see an example
  • Trulia.com

    This US based property portal is allowing you to add a link to your property listings leading to your virtual tour. Click to see an example
  • Zoopla

    Zoopla also allows you to add video virtual tours to your listing, and you can add a description that a virtual tour is available. They however don’t allow you to link through to a tour or upload an embed. Click to see an example
  • YouTube

      If you have a promo video of a property, you can add a link to your video leading to your virtual tour. Additionally you can add the virtual tour link to the description of the video.
  • Use a QR code

    Use a QR code on all your property advertisement. You can easily create your own FREE QR codes here: Create your QR code See below some examples on where to use the virtual tours: Or on flyers, printed ads & business cards

Can you think of any other place where someone would be able to publish property virtual tour online? Let us know here!

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