Theta SC and Theta V 360 Image Comparison

With the Ricoh Theta V recently launched and the most interesting new feature being the ability to shoot an impressive 4K 360 video, it’s easy to forget that Ricoh have made improvements to the 360 still images that the camera produces.

So, we thought we would conduct our own little Ricoh Theta SC and RichoTheta V 360 Image Comparison test and produce some easy to compare images.

We shot with the SC (no need to use the S as it produces the same 360 still image as the SC) and the V.

Below you can click on the individual thumbnails to review shots taken at different times of the day (7.36 am / 12:00 / 18:30 / 18:45 / 19:00) drag the image and make an easy comparison of the shots side by side.


Well, like all photography it’s down to personal taste and I am sure you will have your own opinion about the results.

Both the Theta SC & V produce 360ºstill images equivalent to 14M output pixels, Ricoh seem to have improved the HDR rendering in that the V produces more realistic to real colours than the SC. In addition the V performs better in low light.

Shooting with the Theta V is almost twice as quick in comparison with the SC, as it not only takes the image quicker but also delivers it to your mobile device quicker. Having said that the SC is still a joy to shoot with, it’s just; we are all getting more impatient when waiting for something.

However, if you prefer a “warmer” feel to your images, then the SC is fine and produces excellent quality images. Also if you are shooting 360 still images and have no real interest in shooting 360 video yet, then the price tag of the Theta SC (US$199) will certainly suit your pocket more than that of the V (US$429).

All in all Ricoh Theta’s camera’s are leading the way at this end of the market and as a user of the Theta SC, S and V all produce great 360 still images that satisfy our clients needs.

Check out the Theta SC specs

Check out the Theta V specs

We still offer the Theta SC free of charge with a My360 Subscription of 100+ properties, but you can also get your hands on a V or SC at our reduced price if you sign up for the lower packages, so take advantage of our limited time offer today!

We hope you enjoyed our Ricoh Theta SC and Ricoh Theta V 360 Image Comparison review and it will help you in making a decision in what camera to choose. What are your thoughts on the differences between the Theta V and SC? Which do you prefer? Let us know in the comment section!


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