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My360 Property Virtual Tours Support

Once you are using our virtual tour software, you are bound to have some questions. We have made our virtual tour builder as easy as possible so you can build beautiful virtual tours in minutes. But you still might have some questions.

Our My360 Property Virtual Tours Support team is here to help but before you contact us, please check below if your question has already been answered.

We continuously update our virtual tour software so your issue might just be a question of clearing your cache, so in any case try that first! Not sure how? See below 🙂 

Almost every issue can be solved by one simple action: Clearing your cache!

We are always updating and improving our virtual tour builder, and you might not always see the updated version as your browser remembers your previous settings. That is why we will always ask you to clear your cache before you contact support. This might just solve your issue right away!

Here’s how to clear your cache in Firefox, Chrome & Safari.

By default, our software allows you to upload images up to 16MB. If your images are larger, the upload will fail. Please reduce the image size to upload.

You can upload images from any 360º camera. The file type has to be a jpeg/jpg, any other format will be rejected.

The image size needs to be a 2:1 ratio (e.g. 10.000 x 5.000 or 6.000 x 3.000) so the software recognises it as a virtual tour image. You can’t upload normal still images to the software yet and if you accidentally do upload a normal image with the wrong size, it will not show in your account.

If you have created an account, the login page should work fine. Make sure you don’t have your “ALL CAPS” on as the password is case sensitive.

If you still have issues logging in, please use the email you used when you initially signed up and contact support on [email protected] 

When will I receive my invoices?

Once we have received your initial payment you should receive your invoice within 5 working days. If you have not received your invoice yet, please contact [email protected]

My business details are incorrectly displayed on the invoice

Please email us with your correct invoice details and we will rectify the invoice for you.

My business is outside of Spain yet you have still charged Spanish tax on my invoice

You are eligible for a tax reduction if you provide us with a valid EU tax trading number. You can verify if your tax number is EU registered here: VIES European Commission

We will regularly check if a company has a valid EU tax number. If your invoice has Spanish tax applied, it is very likely we have the wrong tax number for your company or your tax number is not EU registered.

Before contacting our billing department, please check your tax number on the VIES site first to avoid misunderstandings.

I Don’t understand the SEO report

Please check our SEO Tool Tutorial to learn how to read your report and what it all means!


How can I clear the memory of the camera?

Learn here how to delete images from my Ricoh Theta Camera. 

My camera won’t charge

Try plugging it in from the wall charger instead of your PC/USB charger. Sometimes the USB charger does not work, so i is best to use the plug provided with your camera to charge through a normal electricity socket

I can’t connect the camera to my phone

Check that the wifi is switched on from the camera. Click the second button from the top to switch on the WiFi.

Check the WiFi on your phone is also connected to the camera, in your settings choose the Ricoh WiFi.

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