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So it’s decided – you want to start making virtual tours TODAY. But then you realise – you don’t actually have a 360º camera! What do you do now?? Luckily, you stumbled across this blog where we will explain to you how to make a virtual tour using your Iphone or Android – and better yet – with a FREE app!

Here’s what you need:

  1. Google Street View App for Android or Iphone 

  2. The My360 App for Android or Iphone

Ok so now you have your tools we will start making a virtual tour using the following quick steps (scroll down for images & our review)

  1. Open the Google Street View App 

  2. Under the tab “private” click on the camera icon

  3. In the pop-up – click the camera icon again

  4.  Point the camera to the orange dot and what until it has taken it’s first image

  5. Repeat pointing your camera until all the orange dots are gone and a green checkbox appears in the bottom of your screen

  6. Click on the green checkmark and wait for the processor to finish

  7. Once finished, click on the image

  8. Click on the “upload” icon

  9. Select “share privately” 

  10. Click on “save image” 

  11. Now you can see the image in your camera roll

    1. You can now upload the images to your My360 account using the My360 app or send the images to your desktop. I use Airdrop to send my images to the desktop. Then from there you can upload them to your account. However, you can also upload them straight to your account from your phone, so continue these steps if that is what you want to do. 

  12. Open the My360 App

  13. Create a new tour profile or click on an existing one

  14. Click + Spheres

  15. Click “select spheres”

  16. Click “from gallery”

  17. Choose the image(s)

  18. Click “upload” and wait for the images to finish uploading (don’t close the app!) 

Now you can proceed to create a virtual tour using the desktop software. Follow this link for a full guide


Here is the same guide but now with pictures:

Open the streetview app and click on the camera icon. Then click on the camera icon again and point your camera to the orange dot. Once the first dot is completed, it will show you the next dot.

The images will overlap and look horrible, but don’t worry, the app will process the images to take out most of the errors.

Once all the images have been taken, you will see a green check mark at the bottom of your screen. Click that to start the processing.

Once the process is finished, click on the “upload icon” and then choose “share privately”. On the next screen save the image to your camera roll or choose “airdrop” to send them straight to your phone.

If you used Airdrop, you can stop here. Your images are now on your computer and your can continue with this guide to learn how to make a virtual tour with the images. 

If you saved them to your phone, then continue reading to find out how to upload them direct to the My360 software using your phone.

Click on the My360 App and then click on “+new” to add a new tour profile, or select and exiting profile. Then clock on “+Spheres” and choose “select spheres”

NOTE: if you are unable to uplaod images – make sure the My360 App has access to your camera. Check this in your phone settings.

Select the camera image gallery, then choose the image(s) you want to upload – you can upload up to 15 images in 1 time. Then click “upload” and wait for the upload to finish.

Once all images have been uploaded you can close the app and move on to the desktop version of the software to start making your virtual tour with the images you just uploaded.

Click here to learn how to do that. 



Now I hear you say: This is amazing! And I don’t even have to purchase a camera!

And you’re quite right, it is pretty amazing that this can all be done for free, but keep in mind… using your phone and a free app – the images are not going to look as good as they would using a 360º camera.

You will find that using the app with your phone will leave you with many stitching errors and the quality is only going to be as good as your phone camera quality allows. So in a dark room, or a room with too much light, you might find it hard to make a good image.

Here’s an example shot with the iPhone 8 Plus in bad weather:

But at least it’s a start! And when you’re ready to purchase your first 360º camera, don’t forget we have some great camera deals on at the moment!



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