How to embed a virtual tour map | Virtual Tour Software

Follow the steps below to embed your own map of ALL your virtual tours on to your own website

Click on the “Map Markers” to view each property virtual tour


Make sure each property you want to appear on your map has a “Location” – it can be the real address or drag the map marker to a general location and “Save”

Location Info


Fully complete the “Property Portal” tab as the basic property information will appear on the map. Plus while you are completing this tab you can publish the property to our FREE property portal 

Property Portal


Go to each property profile in turn, click on the Virtual Tours tab then select the “Map Marker” icon and set to “Map Visible”. The selected tour will then show on the map.

Map Visible

STEP 4 (Check Tip)

Go to “Overview” and you can easily see which properties and been selected to appear on your Map.



Select “Map” then click on the “Embed Vt Maps” button – if you take the embed code without selecting a destination the map will display all your destinations. Alternatively you can select each destination in turn and embed separate maps in to your website.

Once embedded your map will automatically update as you select new properties to be visible on your map or deselect properties to be no longer visible on your map.

Embed Map

Now you know how to embed a map to display all your virtual tours on your own website.

If this tutorial is still not making much sense to you:

Then get on the phone to us


Email our support team


Use the chat box in the right hand bottom corner of your screen,

We’re always happy to show you how it’s done through a personal Skype meeting.

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