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How to add a Virtual Tour to Facebook

Once you have finished creating your interactive Virtual Tours in your My360 Platform, you want to share your handy-work with the world!

You can of course upload your tour to your website, add it to property portals and send the link to potential clients, but what about sharing on social media?

Sure you can upload your single images one by one on Facebook, but that’s not the same! You want people to see your freshly created virtual tour in all its glory on your Facebook page!

Furthermore, you also want to make sure people see all the information you added to your tour, including the funny GIF images, your text, buttons and call to actions so you can get more sales right!!??

Ok… then listen up, we’ll show you today exactly how Add a Virtual Tour to Facebook in a few easy steps, and soon you will be sharing all your virtual tours with the world!

UPDATE!! (13/12/2018) 

Facebook have changed their rules, and it seems you can no longer install this below tab unless your page has more than 2000 followers… 

However, for those lucky enough to have over 2000 followers, please continue reading 🙂


To start to Add a Virtual Tour to Facebook go to this link: and click “add static HTML to a page”

Add a Virtual Tours to Facebook


Choose the page you wish to add the tab to:


Now you will be redirected to your Facebook Page, and you will see a new tab called “Welcome” (don’t worry, we can change this later) and a green button that says “Set up tab” Click the green button.


Now here is where you have to put your “programmers” hat on and put in a bit of coding. But don’t worry, if you don’t know how to do this, just copy and paste what I added a little further down in this blog. 🙂

At first you will see this:


Now add your own text & codes:

Now if that looks a little scary to you, don’t worry!! Here is the code, just replace all the orange text with your own text & iframe but make sure you don’t touch the black text:

<h2>Add a title to your virtual tour here</h2>
<p>And here you can add some text, just make sure not to remove the codes on either side of this text.</p>
<center><iframe src=”” width=”800″ height=”450″ allowfullscreen ><p>Your browser does not support iframes.</p></iframe></center><br><br>

The last piece of code (called Iframe) is where you put the iframe of your virtual tour. In our experience you should set the width of your iframe to 800, and the height to around 450. This way it fits nicely in your Facebook page,  but it is of course entirely up to you what size you leave this in.

Just copy and paste the code as many times as you like on the page to add multiple virtual tours to Facebook.


Click Save & Publish



We now want to rename the tab from Welcome to something meaningful, so click on “Action” and choose “Edit name & Image”



Now give your tab a nice name. We have multiple tabs for properties in different destinations, so we named ours “Marbella Properties”. But you can choose whichever name you would like.

Don’t forget to click “Save Tab Name” once you are done, otherwise the name won’t show!

There is also an option to add a “custom image” to your tab, but we tried this and it does not work, so just ignore that.

Again hit save & Publish.

Also keep in mind, Facebook does not make “Custom tabs” available on mobile, so if you click “Enable on mobile devices” the app will give you a custom link you can use to share your tab with others on Facebook. 



Now you’re done, just click “save & publish again just in case and let’s see the final result!

See the new shiny tab I have there?? and the Virtual Tour looks great too!

Now I want to add more tabs, and I want to move them to the top!

Ok, first, let’s move the tab to the top.


Go to Settings and choose “edit page”:



STEP 10.

Now just grab your tab and move it to the top!

Finally, now we make some more tabs. Optionally of course! You might just be bored with me already so you can stop reading here then. But for those wanting more… keep going!

STEP 11.

Go back to your tab and click “Edit Tab”

STEP 12.

Click on Action again, but now choose “Add or remove tabs”

STEP 13.

Give your new tab a nice name and click “Add tab now”

SETP 14.

On the next page, click “Go to tab”

SETP 15.

And now you should see the set-up again taking you back to step 3


Simple right?? Now you can Add a Virtual Tour to Facebook!! If you have any questions, let us know in the comments, or if you have any other tips on how to use this tool even better, of course, do share!

Oh, and don’t forget to subscribe to the support of the great people that created the Thunderpenny Static HTML5 app. They definitely deserve a donation, we LOVE this app! 🙂

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