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10 great GIF images you can use in your virtual tour.

Our virtual walkthrough software allows you to add your own GIF images to your tours so you can make your tours even more interesting and interactive!

If you want to find out how to do this, please click here for a full tutorial on how to “Add moving images to your virtual tour“.

What is a GIF image?

Before we give you 10 great GIF images, you might want to know what a GIF image actually is!

GIF (Graphic Interface Format) is an animated image. They are typically less heavy than a video file and therefore are widely used on the internet.

GIF images can be created from a collection of images, or a video file.

A GIF image will take certain frames out of your video file so it becomes less heavy.

How do I create a GIF Image

You can find GIF images online by using Google Image Search (e.g. funny dog GIF) and simply right lcick and download the image. They will play animated on your computer or any place you upload it.

You can also create your own Gif images from a collection of still images on the gifmaker website. Alternatively, you can make a GIF image of a video on ezgif.com .

Examples of GIF images.

Here are 10 great GIF images you can use on your virtual tours.

Simply right click on the image and download them to your computer before uploading them to your My360 platform and Bob’s your uncle!!

We promised you 10 of the greatest images, but we felt generous today… so here’s 15! Enjoy!

(p.s. if the images are not animating, please click on them and you will see what animation is used)



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