Insta360 ONE X – A My360 Review

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Background to our Insta360 ONE X review

We thought after all the hype and attention the Insta360 ONE X has had since its launch at the end of last year, that it was about time My360 put it to the test from the perspective of our faithful platform users.

My360’s platform is used by both real estate agents and photographers and has been built specifically for property virtual tours so the testing of the Insta360 ONE X is purely from a 360 photo and workflow point of view and we chose not to test it’s amazing 360 video capabilities at this time.

What My360 is looking for in any 360 camera is to be able to shoot and create virtual tours in the quickest time possible, so our agents and photographers can focus on running their business and working on their next sale.

Everyone likes to look at specifications but maybe not everyone understands what all the above means, so the most important point to know here is the Insta360 ONE X has resolution 18mb beating its rivals in the same price range.

Putting the Insta360 ONE X to the test

As already mentioned My360 have chosen to test the Insta360 ONE X from the quickest workflow point of view, so if you want to take great quality images in the shortest time possible then you must shoot using HDR and that way, regardless if you are technical or not you don’t have to worry about any of the specifications mentioned above you can shoot amazing quality images in literally seconds.

The Proof is in the results

Take a look at this short walk-through tour all shot with the Insta360 ONE X set on HDR and the only editing we have done is to remove the tripod shadow – we wanted to show you the fantastic quality that can be achieved with minimum effort 🙂 These 8 shots were literally shot in 15 minutes.

Follow the pathway in this tour to take you to the inside shots of the guest room and bathroom.

Sunrise to Sunset

Just to put the Insta360 ONE X through its paces and to show that this single shot 360 camera can produce great results even in low light. We took shots from the exactly the same spot from sunrise – 6:35 through to sunset 22:00 so you can see the range that this camera has.


Summary & Conclusion

There is no question the Insta360 ONE X deserves all the hype and attention that it receives and continues to receive.

There is only one shortcoming with the Insta360 ONE X and that is having to process the HDR images after shooting on your mobile – which slows down the workflow. Having spoken to the nice people at Insta, they do have plans to incorporate this in their desktop editing studio, which will be a big help to users.

The Insta360 ONE X has been well thought out from a users perspective with removable battery and an Micro SD memory card unlike some other 360 cameras in the same price range, so you can be sure you will never have to stop half way through a shoot and of course can spend all day shooting without any worries.

My360 has added this great camera to its limited recommended list as it provides the quality images and speed of shooting required by our platform users.

Insta360 make the whole buying and shipping process very easy indeed – if you wish to see more about the Insta360 ONE X please visit their website and if you would like to purchase an Insta360 ONE X and enjoy a little extra free gift when ordering the Insta360 ONE X Real Estate Kit then click here

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