How to sell properties, even during Covid

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Property virtual tours

This Covid has everyone up in arms and businesses seem to fall over left right and center at an astonishing rate right now. The Real Estate market is not immune to this virus either! It has seen a sharp decline on new property buyers in every corner of the globe – there’s not one country that has been left unaffected, so many Estate agencies have started to “rethink” their marketing strategy to try and keep afloat, and have come up with many creative ways to sell properties, even during Covid and with minimal “personal contact”.

create your own virtual tours

Sell properties, even during covid

One way to continue selling your homes, without doing actual live viewings with clients, is by using virtual tours. Where before, a virtual tour of a 2 bedrooms property would set you back a cool 300€ or more, nowadays with easy online virtual tour software and an instant 360º camera, estate agents can arrange virtual viewings that don’t have to break the bank, and continue to sell properties, even during Covid!

The numbers don’t lie

The proof is in the fact that the primary instant 360º camera manufacturer “Ricoh” with their latest “Ricoh Theta Z1” camera, has been sold out of this camera in the US for over 3 months now – they simply can’t produce them fast enough before they are being snapped up by savvy Real Estate Brokers.

And it is not just cameras that are currently flying off the shelves – in our own experience, we have seen a massive 700% increase in customers since March this year – of which 90% were real estate agents.

So how do you, as an estate agent still sell properties without the personal contact. It’s a big change to what you are used to, but once you get the hang of it, you will find this “New Normal” may actually save you a lot of time, and money!

The process is fairly simple:

  1. Buy a 360º camera – CLICK HERE for the best options on a budget
  2. Shoot your images of the property – CLICK HERE to find out how
  3. Build a virtual tour – CLICK HERE to learn how
  4. Publish it to the web – Here’s how! 
  5. Send it to your clients so they can view the property, from their own home, without any personal contact. You can video call or chat with your client while they are looking at the property – This will show you how!
  6. Sell the property!

Of course, you may have to chat to them a few times more before they actually buy, at least you know they are “hot” leads and they will buy eventually! And all because you took the time to make a virtual tour of the property!

How many times have you had to say to a client” When the travel restrictions are over, I can arrange a visit to the property” only to loose interest of that client a few days later. They may have found an estate agency that DID have virtual tours of that (or other) property, and now you have lost the lead you worked so hard to get!

Want to find out how to get started? Read THIS checklist to make sure you have all the right tools for the right price – and go and sell some properties!


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