How to replace your hotspots with 3D floating hotspots

floating hotspots

In the world of Hotspots it is important you choose the right ones so your visitors will keep clicking! My360 already has a vast selection of attractive hotspots but we have just changed the game with our new 3D Floating hotspots that are SUPER EASY to use and install – and… totally free for everyone to use! Yeah baby!

Here’s an example using 2 of the 3 new 3D Floating Hotspots (go ahead and move your mouse to see the second one) :

So how do you change your hotspots to 3D hotspots I hear you ask? Here’s everything you need to know.

First of all – answer this question:

  1. Do you want to change your hotspots on ALL your virtual tours in 1 go?
  2. Do you want to change the hotspots for just 1 of your tours?

You can do both, so let me explain both ways to you:

Changing the hotspots to 3D floating hotspots on ALL your virtual tours:

IMPORTANT: If you choose this option, you will change the hotspots on ALL of your active tours as long as they use the “default settings” and “overwrite settings” is not activated in the tour. 

Quick guide:

  1. Click on My Account > Config & Settings
  2. Choose the tab “Vt’s”
  3. Scroll down to “Floating Hotspots & Activate
  4. Decide if you want to replace existing hotspots or not
  5. Choose your hotspot (just 1 or all 3 – go nuts!)
  6. Save settings

Here’s the same but now with pictures:

1. Click on “my account >  Config & Settings:



2. Click on the tab “Vt’s”



3. Activate “Floating Hotspots”
4. Deactivate (or activate) if you want to hide the “original” hotspots
5. Choose the hotspot you wish to use – you can also choose all 3 if you want.



Here’s an example of all 3:


6. Save settings and check your result!


How to change your hotspots to 3D Floating Hotspots for just 1 tour

You might just want to change 1 tour to use the floating hotspots. This is possible inside the tour editor.

IMPORTANT: If you activate “overwrite default” in your tour settings, you might have to reconfigure other settings too like the tour color, contact form, transition of scenes etc. 

Quick guide:

  1. Go to the tour editor & click on “settings”
  2. Choose the tab “settings”
  3. Activate “overwrite defaults”
  4. Activate floating hotspots
  5. Hide original hotspots (or not)
  6. Choose the type of floating hotspot you want (or select all 3!)
  7. Click save & then publish


Some pictures here for you:


1. go to the tour editor & click on “settings”



2. Choose the tab “settings”



3. Activate Overwrite defaults



4. Activate floating hotspots
5. Hide original hotspots (or not)
6. Choose the type of hotspot you wish to use (or choose all 3)



Now click save & publish your tour to see the results!

There! All done! And looking mighty fine don’t you agree!? Go ahead and change the hotspots for your tours today – the feature is FREE to use for ALL users so go nuts, you can’t break it! 🙂

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