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Property Virtual Tour software with the Theta 360º cameraThe Ricoh Theta camera is a marvel that shoots everything in 360 degrees. It’s the perfect camera for creating virtual tours of properties, restaurants, shops and other spaces, boosting your content marketing campaigns and your brand.

Using the Ricoh Theta 360° you can make a 360º movie or produce a spherical image and you don’t need to be a professional photographer to achieve top quality images that you can edit and share within minutes. What is more, the Ricoh Theta can be moved freely around the space you want to capture ensuring that you give your viewers a total perspective of the surroundings.

Furthermore, with the help from our friends at My360, you can use your spherical images to create amazing professional walkthrough virtual tours.

The high quality Ricoh Theta

The Ricoh Theta model is high-spec and gives viewers a sense that they are “right there, right now.” The high resolution images, whether they are still images or a longer movie, record everything in vivid, high quality.

It has a newly developed F2.0 lens and its pixel output is equivalent to 14M. You can record videos of up to 25 minutes of continuous shooting and data is recorded in full HD (1920×1080) resolution. However, please note that the resolution of spherical videos when viewed differs depending on the type of display or display magnification.

Images taken with a Ricoh Theta Camera

Ricoh Theta advanced functions

This model is equipped with even more advanced functions. First, you can share your video in real time via the HD Live Streaming function and there’s a dual fish-eye output when you’re connected by USB. Live View allows you to check the exposure and regulate the white balance while you are shooting when you use the camera’s dedicated smartphone app.

There is a Long Exposure function that means the shutter speed can be set at anything from 1/6400 seconds to 60 seconds, which is great when shooting in really dark or really light areas, you will always have a perfect image!

Finally, it has a fantastic 8GB of memory that stores between 1,600 and 9,000 images depending on size, and 65 to 175 minutes of video footage. The LED icon keeps you informed about the status of the main device at a glance and there’s a new Wi-Fi module that enables the high speed transfer of images shot with the Ricoh Theta to your smartphone.

What is more, it looks stylish, comes in different colours and only weighs 125g. It uses a lithium ion battery that has a battery life of approximately 260 photos before it requires recharging. You can slip it in a pocket.

And if the above is too techie for you… take it from a non-tech…. this camera does exactly what it says on the box, and is so easy to work with.., a child can do it… literally!

Compatible with Google Street View

Ricoh ThetaThe Ricoh Theta S is compatible with the Google Street View app. This app enables you to immediately publish your images to Google Maps so that people everywhere can explore what you’ve just filmed or shot. You can either shoot photo spheres in the app, or connect it to a spherical camera like the Ricoh Theta S.

It’s important to know that the Ricoh Theta is a Google approved camera. You’ll find easy to follow instructions from Google about how to set up and connect the 360° camera to Google Street View. Google also provides a video version of the instructions to help you even more.

This has really opened up a new market for Google Streetview Photographers and equally, Google expects to triple the business uploads to Google maps in the next couple of years thanks to this nifty machine.

Where to buy a Ricoh Theta

You can purchase a Ricoh Theta online directly from us.ricoh-imaging.com. The cost is $349.99.

The company advises you to check that you have the appropriate app installed so that you can enjoy viewing the spherical images with the Ricoh Theta – you can choose either the iOS app or the Android one. Windows and Mac operating instructions are also available. All instructions about the recommended operating environment are available at the online store.

There’s a couple of tips you might need along the way, such as, how to clear the memory when using a MAC. But we’ve got you covered, and will post regularly about what tips and tricks our community comes up with while using this camera.

However, when you sign up for My360, they are giving away a FREE Ricoh Theta with every subscription now, so if you wanted to make virtual tours anyway, you might as well take them up on their offer!

Get the Ricoh Theta and get started making your 360° world right now! Do you already have a Ricoh Theta Camera? Share in the comments what your experience is with the 360º camera to help others along the way. Sharing is caring!


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