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You are an estate agent and your are trying to find out how to add your Virtual Tour to Rightmove.

Rightmove is one of the, if not THE, biggest property portals in the UK. With over 16.000 estate agents using their platform, and more than a million users each month, the portal has been quick to act when Virtual Tours became a household name. Much like Idealista or Fotocasa and My360Rea RightMove made it fairly simple to add virtual tours to your listings.

You can publish your My360 virtual tour on all your Rightmove listings and below we explain how to do this:

Here’s the quick guide:

If you use an automatic data feed:

  1. Easy! To add your Virtual Tour to Rightmove continue using your data feed – there will be an option in the feed to insert the URL of your virtual tour in your listing.

If you manually upload properties

  1. Also easy! Log into «Rightmove plus»

  2. Go to property admin

  3. Select «property list» in the left sidebar

  4. Select the property you want to add a virtual tour to

  5. Click on the «media» tab

  6. In the section «additional info» click on «add»

  7. Insert your virtual tour URL in the box

  8. Give it a title

  9. Save

Here’s the same again, but now with pictures:


 1. Log into your «Rightmove plus» account

2. Go to «Property Admin»

Click on the «menu» icon on the left of your screen

3. Click on Property List»

Choose «property list» from the options in your left sidebar.

4. Select the property

Choose the property you wish to edit and add your virtual tour link to

5. Click on the tab «media»

6. Scroll down to «additional media» and click

7. Add your virtual tour URL to the box

8. Add a title to the link (e.g. View Virtual Tour, or , Walk Through This Home!)

9. Save your listing and check on the front-end if it looks good!


Thats all! Simples right?

Now you can add your Virtual Tour to Rightmove too! You will find that the listings that have a virtual tour have a much higher viewing rate and a much better conversion rate with higher quality clients! So go ahead and add virtual tours to all your listings! After all – with My360 you get unlimited virtual tours for the same low price… no questions asked!


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