Help! My Gyroscope is not working! | Virtual Tour Software

So you have an Iphone, browsing hapilly with the default Safari browser and … BOOM!… from one day to the next none of your virtual tours are working in VR mode in Safari anymore!

What the…. we hear you say. – After all, it’s what we said when we heard about this issue. So we investigated, and guess what… your phone has made another senseless decision for you. So here’s how to fix that so you can enjoy your tours in VR mode again:

Here’s the quick guide:

  1. go to your iPhone settings
  2. Click on Safari
  3. Switch ON the option for «motion and orientation access»
  4. Done!

Easy right?

Here’s some screenshots to help you along the way:

Where's my buttons?

Go to settings > Safari

It's off by default

Switch it on!

Ahhhh... bliss!

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