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At My360 we believe in working together to grow bigger and that is why we pride ourselves on having one of the most lucrative resellers programs out there!

As a reseller, you can sign up your affiliates in an easy and quick way, and you will earn money each and every time your affiliate pays for their subscription, whether this is monthly or yearly, you will earn for as long as we earn!

We have made the process of becoming a reseller so simple, you can do it in your sleep… but really!

All you have to do is sign up for a FREE trial of the My360 software. Of course, we would like it if you actually tried our software so you can write a nice blog about it for your promotions, but that is up to you 🙂

Once you sign up for the free trial, you will automatically be given LEVEL 1 Reseller status and your affiliate link is ready to be shared with the world!

Continue reading below to learn more, or sign up for your FREE trial now!

How does it work?

When you subscribe to your free trial with My360 you automatically become a LEVEL 1 Reseller. A Level 1 Reseller does not need to have an active (paid) account in My360.

Immediately after you have created your FREE account, you will be assigned your own unique affiliate link. When you share this link with your friends, online, on social media or wherever you like, as soon as someone subscribes to a free trial using your link you will see this in your account under the “affiliate” section.

Once your affiliate converts from a free trial user to an “active” (paid) user, you will see the commissions you receive on your affiliate page.

You will receive commissions from this user EACH and EVERY month that this user is subscribed to the My360 software as long as they pay for their subscription.

That’s right – EACH and EVERY MONTH!

…let me give you a moment to reflect on that…..

So how much can I earn?

How much you earn depends on your Resellers Level and on how and where you share your affiliate link.

We work with 3 levels of Resellers:

LEVEL 1 – 5%

Resellers that sign up for the FREE trial but do not have a paid account.

LEVEL2 – 15%

Resellers that have signed up for an active (paid) account in My360.

LEVEL 3 – 30%

Partners of the Plush Global Media Network

No, but wait… I have more questions!

Of course you do… here’s our frequently asked questions, let’s see if we can satisfy your inquisitive mind and get you going as a reseller today…

There is no catch… We are an honest and hard working company. When we make money, you make money, it’s that simple. And why should we be the only ones making money forever? Together we can achieve success a lot faster and that is why we give you your commission each month and for the rest of eternity for as long as your affiliate has a paid subscription on My360.

To become a level 1 reseller and start earning a 5% commission from your affiliates today, simply sign up for our FREE trial and share your resellers link with the world!

To become a level 2 reseller, you will need to have an active (paid) account with My360. You will then automatically be switched to the 15% commission structure – even for the people that signed up with your link while you were still only a level 1 reseller! Result!

A level 3 Reseller gets a whopping 30% commission but to become a level 3 reseller, you first need to become a “Partner” of the Plush Global Media Network.

Plush Global Media is the parent company (and creator) of the My360 brand and software, and offers many other services including Google Street View support, uploading to Google Maps, your own My360 account for real estate to make tours for multiple estate agents, online marketing and web design services at cost price, help and support with social media management, Google Ads, web hosting and lots more.

A Partner is someone who wants to own (or already owns) a multimedia business and just needs a helping hand in expanding their business and making it an (even bigger) success.

As a Partner you can also be given “exclusivity” for your area – meaning that direct subscriptions  that we receive for the My360 platform will automatically be added to your account!

For more information about our Partner network, please visit: and complete the form to apply to become a Partner today!

If you are a Level 2 Reseller and you decide to cancel your account you will automatically be move to a (free) Level 1 Resellers account.

This also means that your commissions will go down to 5% including for the affiliates you signed up before you moved to a free Level 1 Resellers account.

The same goes for a Level 3 Reseller. If you decide to move to a lower level, your commissions will change accordingly.

We don’t like to close accounts, but there are a few ways you can get your account closed forever and loose your commissions. The main reasons this might happen are:

  • You have not signed into your account for over 6 months (no activity).
  • You have broken our rules as specified in the T&C you agreed to when creating your account.
  • You have asked us to close your account.

If your account was closed and none of the above applies to you, please contact us so we can put it straight.

Either way, we will always give you notice before we close any account, so make sure you always have access to your emails.

We work with 3 different currencies. Euro, Pounds or Dollars (US)

At this moment you can simply request a payout once your balance hits 50€/50$/50£ or more.

Balances of less than 50€/50$/50£ can not be paid out (be patient, you’ll get there!)

We currently only use PayPal for payouts and we need an official invoice from you to be able to send you the money. Any costs incurred for making the transaction or converting it to your local currency are your responsibility (e.g. PayPal might charge a commission)

Your invoice needs to have your business details as well as ours and tax registration number, without those details, we will not be able to send you your payout.

You will receive our business details for invoicing upon requesting your first payout.

At the time of writing this is not possible, but we will introduce this feature in the future. When we do we will notify you.

YES! As long as you have a PayPal account where we can send the commissions to, you’re all set!

In principle, if someone signed up without using your affiliate link, there is nothing we can do and you will not receive the commission for this person.

However, we do like to play a fair game, so please contact us if this happens and we will assess the situation.

If it is clear to us that the person that signed up definitely came through your link, we will of course give you what you are due.

The Balance of accounts is done 1 month after each subscription. We do this in case there are refunds, account cancellations or extraordinary activities on the account.

Once a person signs up using your link – you will immediately see that activity in your account. You will also see it immediately if that person converts to a paid account, however, the commission amount can still take up to 1 month to show in your account.

That depends on how much commissions you would like to earn.

Level 1 Reseller can sign up for a FREE account and will never have to pay a thing. They get a 5% commission

Level 2 Reseller need to sign up for an Active (paid) account. The prices can be found here. A Level 2 Reseller earns a 15% commission.

A Level 3 Reseller (Partner) needs to have a Basic Partner or Pro Partner account which range from 49€ through to 99€ per month. Please consult for more information. A level 3 Reseller earns a 30% commission.

We work with Euros, Dollars and Pounds.

So depending on which of these accounts you wish to use for your payout, that will be the currency we pay you in.

For example, you might have the following situation in your arrount:


30$ | 65€ | 40£

In this case, you can ONLY request a payout for your Euro Account. And this will be paid to you in Euro.

Any costs for transferring this and converting it to your local currency is your own responsibility.

You can not “merge” balances for different currencies.

Ok, I understand all this, but I STILL have more questions!

Oh  my…  We’re not judging, but maybe you should see someone about that…

In the meanwhile – see that big orange button on the right bottom of your screen? Our support staff lives behind there, click on it and they will answer any other question you might have!

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