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So you have created your account at My360, confirmed your email and watched the full tutorial – but where do you begin?

My360 has been created in a way that once you have set your account up, it is super easy to create beautiful virtual tours in minutes, but if you skip all that (coz who needs tutorials right!?) and you went straight in to build your tour, you might find at the end of it, you maybe should have followed the below steps so your workflow is cut in half!

So here are 10 tips to make the most our of your My360 subscription and start creating tours like a PRO!

  1. Complete your Config & Settings

    • It is best to fully complete this section. Under the “Vt’s” tab is where you can set all the default values for all your tours including adding your logo (if you need any help uploading logos contact support)
    • WHY? – because now when you create a tour, all the information, hotspot colours, tour settings etc. are already done! This way you don’t have to personalise each tour (but you can overwrite them individually if you like) and you’ll be done in no time!
  2. Label your images

    • Its best to “Label” all your images first prior to building a tour, as it then makes it easier to locate and connect images together and these labels will appear when you hover over a hotspot and the thumbnails in the published tour, at the moment users will see the image ID number for most off them. (See below screen shot how to label your images). The “Hotspot Label” within the editor can be used to provide more description only if needed.
  3. Set the Default View for your images

    • Remember to “Set default View” for each image – you set the image to start at the best part of the image when a user clicks on the thumbnails – so you should set the default view for each image (make sure you keep the vertical lines in the image vertical for the best user-experience)
  4. Checking links between images

    • If you’ve not discovered it already you are able to view all links between images by clicking on the 3 cogs top left of the VT editor screen. This enables you to see that you have made all the connection between images and you can easily go to an image by double clicking on it. Each image should have at least one arrow leaving it and one arrow going to it – this ensures the user can navigate the complete tour and not get stuck.
  5. Thumbnail Order

    • You can set the order of the “Thumbnails” in the thumbnail bar by dragging the scenes to order
  6. Tour Title & Description

    • You can add a tour title and description by going to “Tour Settings” then “Settings”. These will show when a User clicks on the “i” icon on the published tour.
  7. Create a Quick Menu

    • You can also create a quick menu. The quick menu is displayed in the published tour by clicking on the “3 lines” icon.
  8. FREE Property Portal

    • You can publish any of your properties to our FREE property portal https://www.my360rea.com by completing the “Property Portal” tab in the property profile. Simply select the tour you wish to publish, tick the My360rea box and “Save” – our portal automatically updates every 6 hours.
  9. Download the best workflow guide

    • We have created a “quick guide” to create tours quickly and efficiently. You can download it from your dashboard at any time. Don’t like reading? The watch the below quick tutorial:
  10. Chat to us!

    • We have a very friendly team that works every day from 10 AM to 10 PM (CET) to help you out if you get stuck. They know almost every answer to ANY question, so try them out! They love to help and make sure you are comfortable building tours.
    • You can arrange a FREE Skype session with one of our team too if you want personal advice on how to build your tours or just need some feedback on what you have created so far!


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